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Courtney (iloveradder) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 19:26:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:sex pistolys ow ow

    oooooo dear i drink to much soda eat to much junk food and dont exercise enough
    WELL swim try outs started today.... oh deary am i out of shape or what? it wasnt a hard workout it was like 25s 50s and 100s and i was like dying. my heart was really fast and i was all like lightheaded and i felt like i was gonna throw up. i just need to get used to actually... moving around again other than walking to the frigde.. because that is not exercise as much as i like to think it is. yes so anyway... hmmmm i wasnt as extremely slow as i thought i would be on account i havent swam since last feb. but i wasnt a little speedy mexican mouse either.. mr.brown was like you swim on york?? ( i was wearing the cap thing) and i was like yeah i used too.. it was just dissapointing but whoopydoooo in about a month ill be used to it again.. if i make it that is which im doubting as of now but HEY! we're cool. i was thinking... what was i thinking about? MY BIRTHDAY OF COURSE! TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2!! so many people are born on the same day as me... lets name a few... well ME of course which is very important indeed... and then alyse, and mm britney spears... and alfie enoch (i think thats how u spell it... u know the boy who plays dean thomas in HP...i know that becase i am an incredible loser.) and mmmmm yaya (becca and liz's cousin) andddddd nelly furtado or w/e her name is... the im like a bird singer girl.. and kevin clark (drummer boy from school of rock) is on Dec. 3 ONE DAY YOUNGER THAN ME! so i'd say that semi-counts yes well thats the list for now ill think of more later.. mm i need to do homework cuz EVERWOOD is on tonight! yaaaaaaaay its like the highlight of my week... i watch to much tv.... but not this week! this week the highlight is FRIDAY! 4 days! SEXAY ow ow! i need a more productive life.

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