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Courtney (iloveradder) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 16:08:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:attempting to make a playing tape

    journal time. ow ow finding nemo is out today!
    wellll mm halloween... lets see.. well during the school day i had to go to the doctors and it was just not fun, they poked at me and weight me and gave me shots and made me run around in circles and then they put this thing on my arm for like 20 years.. yeah. then my mom forced me to go back to school for the remaining 45 mins because math is just o so important. then liz and i sat around my house i think.. i cant really remember to tell the truth, and then about 6:00 we called nikki and made trick or treating plans because nothing beats free candy. mm me and liz went to her house and went through her sister's closet and found costums.. i was sort of minnie mouse... but the demented version...kind of. we went to nikki's and we were suppost to meet up with cassanda and heather and alyse and emily but apparently alyse and heather hate me so.. they didnt come... me and liz and nikki ran around outside screaming like crazy squirrels because we walked down this street and she said there was a dead farmer burried there... anyway eventually we found cassanda and emily and then we sat around her table being stupid and i kept choking like a manic.. yeah. then we watched ALLADIN! ( i know scary movie...but i dont do well with scary movies and we wanted to sing) and we all attempted to fit into nikki's clothes! yup but shes really tiny so it was difficult. then mmm i went shopping on saturday w/ liz and becca... nothing too special. sunday i went to new york to see my padre... well new york is so awesome.. except when your with my mom. she acts like she has never been there before... which is so dumb because we go to new york like every day... well maybe not..but alot. we were standing trying to get a taxi and she runs up to this guy and starts banging on the window and he drives away... and shes like WHY DIDNT HE STOP??? WE NEED A TAXI!!... agh so i had to get all the taxis.. i almost died though i got a little reckless crossing the street... yes, i didnt look both ways. so i was standing out in the middle of the street screaming at my mom and this taxi came flying outa no where and he was honking and screeching to stop and i was standing there in shock... and these people were like get out of the street! and what did i do? i watched it come at me....then i ran and i was safe by about 7 seconds.we went out to eat about 50 times... yeah my family likes to make me fat. i think i ate an entire cheesecake by myself.. but it was good. but i had a weekend free of sydney...ahh so quite:) mmmm on the way home i saw this guy's truck catch on fire.. it was really scary... why do i keep wittnessing accidents? ITS A SIGN! i dont know what for...BUT ITS A SIGN! in our appartment there is this channel where u can watch people come in and out of the building and so me and kyle spent alot of time watching people who could open the door... this one lady had a ton of bags and kept dropping them and then she would try to open the door and then she would drop the bags and pick them up but then the door was closed... it went on like that for like 20 minutes.. if that made sense... at first i didnt know people watched u so i was standing there waiting for my dad and i leaned up against the door and like pulled my shirt up and poked my stomach because the lighting made me look really tan... and then i examined some ear wax like the gross child that i am.. and my dad was like .. mm u know people might be watching you?.. good story good story. well ok i need to get back to this stinko playing tape...i dont know any scales arghhhhrrrgrrrrrrrrr (angry noise)
    p.s I stole this from hannah a few minuts ago!! i love teen girl squad. :
    You're "The Ugly One". You don't look so
    good. You might want to look into some
    medication for your psoriasis. You have a
    crush on every boy, but you'll never get any of

    Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    aww its so depressing IM THE UGLY ONE! :( what if its really TRUE? what if its my destiny? oh dear. its ok i dont need boys to be happy. maybe. yeah. I MISS TOM! (no comments about that one miss hannah! hehe)

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