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Courtney (iloveradder) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 20:05:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Staind

    Its always raining in my head.
    Yesterday= band competition. we got on a bus ( i sat next to liz) and went to stafford and then had like 5 minutes to get dressed and all that, then we did our little marching band party thing aka the show. then we rushed away and got on the bus to go to richmond. it was sooo hot and we were all wearing wool uniforms and what r the called? mmm something pants? i call them bloomer pants but whatever and the hat.. i was sweating so much yup. On the bus of course we watched drumline.. cuz u know its marching band, what else are u gonna watch? i had to pee so badly but im scared to death of those dumb little toliets in the back off the bus... me and liz were discussing how like u hit a bump and u'd hit the door and come flying outa the toliet and roll down the isle like.. naked? knowing me.. that would be me rolling down to the front of the bus with the bibber pants floppin everywhere. anyway we got to richmond and we entered the field but we had to walk around the track and it took about 10 years. when we were done with our little show we had to go take ugly pictures. i hate pictures! especially the "fun" picture... really thats so retarded. on the bus i took off my marchin stuff and my shirt was wet... how gross is that? its like a moist towelette. seriously. actually i just really like saying that word... but it was really wet. anypoo we didnt win anything... oh excuse me we got participation! yeah we rock. we went to this mall to eat and me and liz stood in the line for wendy's for about an hour. see what i go through to be fat? i got love for them nuggets. THEN we were rolling down the highway when the bus started freaking out. eventually we pulled over and found that our tire was retarded and was falling apart or something so we sat at this sketch little gas station for about an hour until they started taking people off the back of the bus and putting them on bus 1 (to take weight off the tire or something...i dont think they were planning on changing we are so poor) was walking around like "Oh are you fat? Yes you are, get off the bus." she said that to tobias.. ha ha ha. mmm then then they took siblings off the bus to be with their brother/sister/mom/dad cuz the other bus decided to mosey on home so like 20 people were left on bus 2. they made us remainders get off and walk across the street to mcdonalds where we made lots of noise, and becca kept calling random people on thomas's phone and saying "keep it ruuul" hahahha., mm we then were transfered to the mcdonalds parking lot and we sat there for a long time and disected crickets. until we were told that we could get back on our bus... it twas interesting. sucky but also extremely amusing at the same time. we got back like 4 hours later than we were suppost to but hey, thats a minor detail. the trip was... er... not my idea of fun. but eh..
    mm today me and elise went to anne's house and did our little math projectile. her puppy is soo cute. anne gave me this dress and i might wear it to homecoming. but maybe? haha im i dont know i hate homecoming. ahh! sunday is the worst day of the week. its all homework day and then u have to go to school 2morrow raarr! my weekend went by so quickly. poo poo poo.
    oh and the redskins suck. i hate them. BOOO HOMETEAM
    WHY DO U build me up, build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down and mess me around! sry i had to break into song. its playing on my some station and its truely one of the best songs ever!

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