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Not Simone (iloveorangeshoe) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 22:08:00
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    Current mood:tired..and im head is cold
    Current music:counting and em r so cool

    my eyes hurtt=(
    hey..well i'll start out with yesterday-i had 2 go 2 my brothers's graduation at hhs..was quite boringgg..and chilled w/ some ppl in our grade..then we went out 2 dinner w/ fam friends nd shit..didnt get home till like 11:30..when i got home i was sooo tired but went online nd talked 2 milton nd some other ppl..2day i went 2 the mall w/ shell,dri,stina,kelly,nicole,dani and lauren<--i love her hairrr!!! lol yeah..biught a shirt at law apparel..its AMAZINGG!! it says..JEWICY COUTURE..haha..the perfect shirt 4 and then i bought a orange lipgloss from origins, so stuff at victorias secret and their amazing mints nd stina made me buy minty breath shit 4 then i also bought a magazine nd bought a gift card 4 LOUIS bc 2morro is his party..and i think that might be all i bought..and i was glad guiseppe was with us bc he was so nice and was always holding my bags for me..what a great kidd..and then i gave $25 2 shell bc i coodnt find a pres 4 her nd it was a really late pres as it is..and then wen i got home i ate some watermelon[yummy] and then i took a nap b4 kellys was funn..but it was rainging like the biggest mofo when i got we coodnt go in the pool..but then we were just chillen out nd relaxing..and then finally it stopped enough so that we cood go in the was funn..the hot tub was it was cold out..and it was hot in there..bbut then lello got a bloody nose..gross..and then after a few hrs we went back inside and every1 was begging 4 a too..and then there was a longggg wait 4 the then mi madre came 2 pick me up..and i jumped in the shower immediatly bc i didnt want her 2 know i went in the pool..even tho i dont think shes that stupid..and now im here talking 2 em and we r discussing what movies 2 bring for campp..our rooms gunna b the shizzz!!!!!! riva-tv, sam-fridge, em-N64, me-tonssss of moviess!!! woot! amazing summer this is gunna be!! ne1 is g21--tell em what movies u want me 2 bring..okk..well every1 better write mee!!

    simone jacobson
    camp nashopa
    bloomingburg, ny 12721


    subject:simone jacobson g21

    c'mon..i know u all wanna write me..and send me b-day cards too =) *july 17*

    ok..well im tiredd..and i have 2 pack for camp since im really screwed nd didnt do nething yet..o mee..bye xoxo//>simoneyy

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