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Cassita Muy Bonita (ilovemoo) wrote,
@ 2003-06-06 22:26:00
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    Current mood:salty
    Current music:fast car - tracy chapman

    insert witty title here.
    well. i dont really know what to say. i feel kind of out of it. dont know why! i just got back from a graduation party at the harbour beach surf club. it was fun for the most part.

    first we just kinda hung out and swam. the waves were big and perfect for body surfing. woo woo. the food there was horrible. i got a cheeseburger and it was all green and shit. i was hungry too...not cool. katy and richie went to "get the boogie board they forgot" on the beach after it got dark. real sure no one knew what they were doing! hah. poor kids.

    sometimes i think im not going to miss anyone from school but then other times i think ill miss everyone a lot. right now im thinkign that i wont miss them in that "omg i cant like without them" sort of way but it will just be VERY weird not seeing them everyday like i have for 10 years. maybe ill miss them. ahh well i dont miss them yet. whatever.

    i have a problem. im covered in ocean water but im to lazy to go take a shower. damnit. oh well ill just shower tomorrow morning.

    "you've got a fast car...i want a ticket to anywhere...maybe we can make a deal...maybe together we can get somewhere...anyplace is better...starting from zero got nothing to myself ive got nothing to prove."

    hmm, tracy chapman. niiiice.


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