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Murdock (ilovehomestar) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 14:56:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:night ranger-sister christian

    haha i just read this really funny aspect of life...
    haha read this. its pretty true too. james fergison is one cool dude :)

    an interpretation of birth to James Fergison

    birth: you are born into the world screaming your brains out...gasping for air, begging for warmth. they cant understand you and it makes you horribly just keep screaming your brains out.

    infancy: you discover that whenever you cry, your mother will give you whatever you need. so you cry...and cry...

    toddler: learn that when you laugh, everyone laughs thats around you. so instead of laugh! toddlers always seem happy because they find it hysterical that all the older people will laugh at their command. toddlers are gods.

    pre-schooler-if youre a boy, you become fascinated with bugs and very disgusting toilet humor and such. you take joy in showing girls a pile of dog poo. if youre a girl, you enjoy rummaging through make-up and looking feminine. yeah, barbie dolls rule. this is also the point where children begin to make fun of others...about being fat and stuff like that.

    schoolkid (3rd-6th grade)-now if you are different, they hate you. they really hate you. you cry and cry just like an infant over why they dont like you. you think youre cool, and you only look good when no one else is around. 'why cant i look like this in school?' you ponder over and over again pitifully to yourself. if youre pretty/handsome/in the bandwagon you enjoy picking on people for no good reason. you just like to do it. it makes you feel COOL

    junior high-you meet new people, and do new things. if youre still 'different', then you are still picked on severely. its a real shame...but things will get so much better. if youre 'popular' then you have fun jumping into a million different relationships with a 'boyfriend/girlfriend'...and you still pick on the ugly kids. especially the ones that havent hit puberty yet. everyone starts to develop the 'personality' that they'll have until they hit their middle age. youre either airheaded, smart, funny, spunky, laid-back, out-going, preppy, goth, punk...or a musician. musicians are a mix of everything

    senior high-well, all the ugly kids are done growing. youre either good looking or extremely ugly. most people really dont care what you look like, who you listen to, etc. theyre too busy with the thousand pounds of homework that they have every day of the freaking week. yes, senior high seems like the dumbest part of your life. the stupidest. the dullest. you begin to see people for who they really are, personality wise.

    college-this is when you either 1)get really smart and study endlessly on your career courses, because you wanna pursue your dreams 2)bindge drink, smoke, do drugs, get abnormal piercings, get arrested, neglect your work, steal stuff, and get expelled (much to the dislike of your parents...its costs money to go to college you know) or 3)do a little bit of both, bet caught a few times, but still make it through on a reasonable note. you miss highschool. you miss the homework, your old friends, your old boyfriends/girlfriends, your teachers, your highschool band, and yes...the ugly kids. now the ugly kids are in some snazzy pants school on full scholarships. if you were 'mean/popular' are being laughed at by all the ugly people because they have it so much better than you do. if youre 'nice/popular' you try to make friends with the ugly people because everyone loves them...they have so many connections! and if youre one of the 'ugly people', good for you. its like revenge of the nerds. most people meet the person of their dreams while they are in college.

    adult freedom (no college)-you end up working a minimum wage job and living with your parents for the rest of your life, or else marrying right after highschool and living off of welfare. a few years down the end up working for some bill gates icon, which in fact, was one of those brainy ugly kids from your graduating class. you find yourself miserable all the time...unshaven...unpretty...

    so in the end-advice to all my readers...
    1)go to college
    2)have fun in your highschool years
    3)have fun in college too, but dont do too many drugs or get too many tatoos
    4)dont get into a serious relationship before you turn 16. im serious.
    5)dont trust anyone.
    6)be responsible. make your own freaking bed in the morning for crying out loud.
    7)tell your mother you love her everyday
    8)try your hardest to get along with your siblings *if you have any*
    9)stay close to your'll miss them when theyre gone

    and finally...

    10)be nice to the ugly kids

    woooow that was inspiring. its almost like that one song sunscreen. yeah. rock on James Fergison.

    so anyways, now im here downloading some stuff. im downloading 'living next door to alice' as a matter of fact...i hear it on the radio all the time and i just had to have it on cd. so yeah, its by smokie for all those who use kazaa/winmx. the fairly odd parents are im gonna bounce. i love that show :D

    and btw...if anyone knows anyone who lives in girardville that has the number 276-7009...their phone number is in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. im serious. its the probability of being rescued by an oncoming ship if you have a full lung of air *which lasts for 30 seconds*. so someone in the school district has that number...and id like to know who it is. its some lady that arthur dent apparently had no luck with. haha id call it and be like, 'do you know a guy named arthur??' haha what a coincidence.

    so until tonight or tomorrow...

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