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Murdock (ilovehomestar) wrote,
@ 2003-09-09 20:16:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:david bowie-diamond dogs

    the diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees...
    sry everyone...
    i havent really updated cuz my internet explorer isnt working. i mean, i could talk on aol and such its just that i cant check my email. right now im on jenn's computer *yes, jenn gibbons half a mile down the road from me* so i ran all the way down here to inform you people. oh yes, you should feel special :) now wait lol i was just kidding *about feelin special* i dont wanna turn into another john yakubic...

    yesterday: lets see, was monday. i hate mondays, they really suck. i was hella sad on sunday night cuz of certain things im not enclosing. dont worry its nothing bad lol! its just people being really stupid. yeah, so yesterday was pretty dull.

    today: i woke up in the middle of a dream when mom woke me up and i was p'd. i dreamed i was skydiving and i fell in the ocean and i found NEMO! :D dont even ask lol. in first period i got the horrible craving for a can of red fusion and a philly cheesesteak *with just meat 'n cheese* it must be mrs. shoup herself lol. shes so boring i get hungry. ??? anyways haha the rest of the day was alright-

    shoener-had a dumb quiz. since i already knew this music theory class stuff from seventh grade, i got the test done in a minute...literally. its a waste of a class...but oh god i have it with the COOLEST people :D.

    price-lecture on the last 3 colonies...the carolinas and georgia. oh what fun


    as you can all thrilled :)

    rodriguez-i forgot my text book. im surprised rodriguez didnt flip out on me. maybe its cuz my last name's sanchez :D

    lunch b-jes wasnt there it naturally sucked. i ate a chicken patty and a bowl of blueberries.

    paul-eh, it wasnt very interesting today. nothing really funny. we learned the last few constellations. and yes davina, im going to name my kid after a star...that one called Dhubhee :D

    demko-i never really thought i was ever going to say this...but proofs are EASY! i cant believe how easy they are!

    gym-sherri brown and jess o'boyle got in a catfight. me and kt just laughed at them all lol. flag football up the field. it was tuns of fun :D

    act pd-practiced vehicle with the rest of the band and then had after skl practice. we're going to lehighton this weekend and we are going to kick some booty baby. since ringtown is so small, they arent running a bus to the school for the game, so we're all gonna chill in the b.r. and eat chinese *yaaaaay! sweet n sour chicken!*

    after school-john had piano lessons so we went to my grandmother's house to pee. yeah, we visit relatives to use their bathrooms. anyways, then we went to pizza place to pick up the pizza *ewww* i hate pizza sux. the pizza smells good but it tastes horrible. you want good pizza, get it from rutz in mahanoy city. good stuff, really cheap too. my mom was making exaggerated slurping sounds because of the awesome pizza smell in our wonderful dodge intrepid. and for all you perverted ppl who read this...get your mind outa the gutter lol. so then we went up sears looking for some cologne for poppop's birthday. woo boy. the perfume section of sears sux lol cuz it smells horrible. for all who watch the brendan leonard know what the perfume section's like lol. wow i havent watched that in a good while! im such a slacker lol. so then we just went home and i went on aol for awhile...and then ran down here to do this.

    for all who remember my ancient livejournal...i used to have a 'my favorite' countdown every week. ive been thinking about bringin that back! if you have your own views...make sure to leave a comment.

    karen's songs of the week:
    1) warren zeffon-werewolves of london *rip*
    2) jane's addicion-just because
    3) creedence clearwater revival (ccr)-playin in a travelin band
    4) david bowie-space oddity
    5) the postal service-such great heights
    6) queen-crazy little thing called love
    7) the who-boris the spider
    8) david bowie-starman
    9) the postal service-brand new colony
    10) the beatles-i should have known better

    karen's movies of the week:
    1) seabiscuit
    2) finding nemo
    3) tears of the sun
    4) monty python and the holy grail
    5) the life of brian
    6) shrek
    7) willy wonka and the chocolate factory
    8) the rocky horry picture show
    9) lotr2 the two towers *excellent*
    10) the yellow dello *special edition dvd!*

    yeah so thats it. the movie ones arent every week cuz i really dont get to go to the movies alot anymore like i used to. once again, im a slacker. the song one will be every week tho. itll give me something to do. its sb email time baby. i have to check for a new one yet!


    karen's quote of the day: if at first you dont succeed, keep on sucking til you do succeed!
    -jerome howard
    karen's final thought of the day: damn...why does it have to be georgia? *throws notebook at the wall*

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