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Murdock (ilovehomestar) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 22:17:00
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    Current mood: listless
    Current music:the beatles-abbey road...the whole cd

    yeah yeah d im stealing it. its a good idea!
    ooook everyone. fill it out. since i love surveys its your turn. have fun and leave it as a comment~

    *Am I...*
    1. Cute?:
    2. Hot?:
    3. Sweet?:
    4. Crazy?:
    5. Loveable?:
    6. Funny?:
    7. Annoying?:
    8. Psycho?:
    9. Daring?:
    10. A good person?:
    11. Sexy?:
    *Would You...*
    12. Hug me?:
    13. Miss me if I was gone?:
    14. Listen to my problems?:
    15. Hug me if I cried?:
    16. Be a good friend?:
    17. Ever go out with me?:
    18. If you already have would you do it again?:
    19. Kiss me?:
    20. Marry me if u could?:
    *How Well Do You Know Me...*
    21. When's my birthday?:
    22. What school do I go to?:
    23. Do I have any siblings?:
    24. Who is my most current ex?:
    25. Who is my best friend?:
    26. Who am i crushing on/dating?:
    27. Favorite animal?:
    28. Favorite sport?:
    29. Favorite TV show?:
    30. Favorite songs?:
    31. Favorite music group?:
    32: Parents' names?:
    33. Pets' names?:
    34. Boyfriend/girlfriend's name?:
    *If You Could...*
    35. Give me a new name, what would it be and why?:
    36. Hook me up with someone, who would it be and why?:
    37. Do one thing with me what would it be and why?:
    38. Drop me one piece of advice, what would it be?:
    *Just A Few Questions...*
    39. What do you love about me?:
    40. What do you hate about me [please put something down]:
    41. What is my best quality?:
    42. If you could change one thing about me what would it be?:
    43. What is your honest opinion of me?:
    44. How close are you & I?:
    45. When was the last time you saw me?:
    46. When was the last time you talked to me?:
    47. Where do you think I'll be in 10 years?:
    48. Which song lyric reminds you of me, and why?:
    49. Who do you think I'll end up marrying?:
    50. Any last words?:

    some of them are for men uh...just dont answer them if youre a girl
    and sorry d! i had to steal it!


    abbey road playlist: *btw...this music is all one big masterpiece. the beatles were geniuses. especially their final years. if you have the cd or record...listen from 9-the last song.*

    1)come together
    3)maxwell's silver hammer
    4)oh darling
    5)octopus's garden *this is a perverted song...just listen to the lyrics*
    6)i want you (she's so heavy)
    7)here comes the sun *harrison's best song ever written*
    *and now for the masterpieces...*
    9)you never give me your money
    10)sun king
    11)mean mr. mustard
    12)polythene pam
    13)she came in through the bathroom window
    14)golden slumbers
    15)carry that weight
    16)the end
    17)her majesty

    all the songs on paul's side *side b* are the greatest beatles songs ever written...which is my opinion. i dont care what you haters think lol. golden slumbers-the end are awesomely written piano music *which i can play*. lots of ppl ask me why i like this stuff, and the answer is simple-i am a musician and i appreciate stuff that sounds good. and i listen to a great variety. so everyone..please dont leave a comment and tell me how much the beatles suck. they dont. i bet you wish you were HALF as rich as paul mccartney *which, in fact, is the second richest man in the world only to bill gates* so yeah, i think i got my point across. let it be already. yeah.

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