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Murdock (ilovehomestar) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 13:17:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:queen with david bowie-pressure

    ohhh ive got a funnnny feeling
    ive got this feeling in the pit of my stomach...i dont know why. its like, somethings wrong but i just cant place it. its horrible! i mean, im young, i have a ton of friends, i get good grades, ive got an awesome family, and ive got a bf who cares about me...what more could i ask for? *sigh* i need another vacation.

    yesterday @ school-
    shoup-same as always
    shoener-listened to beethoven's 5th piano concerto. kowalick asked me if i could play it. god, im good...but im not THAT good
    price-19/20 on the quiz. yeah, go me! :D i got one of the highest scores in the class!
    rodriguez-had a quiz...i got like 6 wrong, but its all good. i put "que chevere!" at the bottom of the paper so maybe he'll give me bonus points.
    lunch b-nothing really important...besides the fact that i ate frenchbread pizza and jello *with whipped cream :)* mmmmmmmm that has to be the best food on the planet.
    paul-got 7/11 on the quiz *;D* yeah...he's probably disappointed cuz the rest of my family is are geniuses (is are geniuses? god, what am i thinking today...) and im not, but its all good :). we're probably taking it over cuz more than half the class failed. maybe ill memorize my notebook just for spite...
    demko-i seriously think i got a 100 on the was really easy though, so im probably not the only one :D
    pep rally-wooo our pep rallies are hilarious. of course the senior class won for best spirit. if i was a senior id have to most spirit in the school. spirit fingers everyone!!!!! the band actually sounded good, taking into consideration that kiel was in a fold out chair isolated. ya could still hear him tho :D. and then a-rod kept running around fixing all the 'GO SPARTANS!' signs that were hung all over the gym. did i mention that we have dyslexic cheerleaders? when they held up the 'spartans' letter spelled 'snatraps' GO SNATRAPS!!! :D
    bus-greg monohan and joe yutko kept getting yelled @ for doing random things. idiots. i hate those ppl lol.

    but anyways...we LOST yesterday *and we shoulda won...but our offense sux* and i didnt get spartan fan of the week *its ok tho...i liked dressing up and stuff :D it was so much fun!* I have to go out and do something today. it sux not being able to drive yet. im so limited! if i could drive, id be out everyday. *deep breath* i love weekends. i get to sit around and do nothing *almost..* i hope we go to nana's house today :D. STRAWBERRY SWIRL ICE CREAM FOREVER BABY! *lmao jill* at the game last night, kiel was on sideline! :D! it was funny cuz when he had to stand up for the national anthem...he had to lean on me. so i kept making him laugh and he goes 'karen...stop it im gonna fall over!' god i have great friends! i feel bad for that minersville girl that liked greg comishock. she gave him her phone number *she thinks he's single* and he ripped it up. Because of the wonderful story Kiel told me...he brought it onto himself lol. the poor chick! i mean, how was she supposed to know that he's been going out with sammi for, uh, 3 or 4 years? kiel is going out with cindy zimmerman...the girl i think steve-o used to like *ohhh the torture! the betrayal!* plus theyre locker partners hahaha. so yeah, now im here listening to the hives. im startin to get sick of them....changing music...NOW! i am now listening to queen. yeah man, queen rocks. r.i.p. freddy mercury. thats about it. sry i havent updated in a while. davina said she figured out how to change the 'post a comment' text. i have to ask her about that later. alrighty then kids! enjoy your day! its beautiful out here in schuylkill go outside and LOSE SOME WEIGHT!


    oh and this...

    Murd0ckthecat: so what didja do with my letter?
    InherentCohesion: other than read it a million times? :)

    *swoons and faints*

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