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* A L L I S O N * (illusions602) wrote,
@ 2003-02-24 23:39:00
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    *My first real entry*
    Aloha...AGAIN!! Today, was all messed was the first day back to school from the break. Went to bed last night at about 1:30 and woke up at about 5:30...took my shower, got ready, blah blah...ate and then I was off to school at about 7:20. I was surprised we left that early, I thought my brother wasn't gunna leave until like 7:35 (10 min before class starts and we live a good 15 minutes away from the high school) Alright so everything was fine until I had to walk from the student parking lot to the school. The ENTIRE path was ICE, ICE, ICE...ahhh, yes, ahh...there was about 10 of us sliding on the ice looking like idiots. Then I thought I had this really ingenious idea...the snow seemed hard enough to walk on so I would walk on that...then go in when I came upon the doors. YEAH RIGHT!...started walking in the snow, after 2 steps I fell in, so then I decided I'd look like I was ice skating w/o ice skates like everyone else...except now I looked like a gymnast on ice!! I almost did a split when I was getting off of the snow and on to the was kinda funny. Walked into the school...immediatly saw ***** =) ...then I went to my locker and on the way saw **** and then as I was at my locker saw *****...well, anyway, after I was done at my locker...saw another hot guy =) ...then I went to gym...jump roped for the whole hour...yea, I know...tons of fun...your jealous of me!! Dan said he was cutting LL...damn him, he always gets away with it!!!....shit, its getting late and I still need to start my I'm gunna make its short...went through my day...was a pretty cool day...saw pratically every hot guy in the school today =)

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