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Sarah (illusional_life) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 17:57:00
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    survey, Fives.. ;]
    The Fives...

    What do you look for...
    In a boyfriend/girlfriend? Boyfriend? personality, common interests, truthworthiness, respect
    In a friend? friendship, doens't change, reliability
    In any relationship? Civil, respectable behavior.
    When you're down? Strength, someone to luv me
    When you look at the sky? At night I look for stars. In the day I see the beautiful sunset and clouds. :D

    What do you do when you're...
    Down? I write, listen to music, cry
    Pissed? throw stuff, write, listen to angy music
    Wronged? Take it on.
    Loved? Love.
    Hated? Don't care. ("When you hate, most of the people you hate don't know, and the rest... don't care.")

    What is your...
    Name? Sarah
    Age? 16
    Birthdate? october 9, 1987
    Sign? (heh, Libra)
    Quote? People, take me as I am, or leave me. But, I ain't changing for you.!

    Do you...
    Write? Yeah I do.
    Sing? yes i Luv singing
    Love? Always.
    Hate? sometimes
    Appreciate? I appreciate my friends and my boy.:]

    Have you...
    Done something to somebody who was undeserving? yeah, been mean.. normally not though :[
    Turned your back? On the ones who hurt me.
    Left anything behind? Only the things I meant to leave...
    Come to? I'm not in my own little world, if that's what you mean.
    Gone skinny dipping? lol, Nope.

    What do you have to say about...
    Atheism? They hate something they don't believe in. It's stupid to form something that isn't a religion simply to disrespect another's beliefs.
    Christianity? It's so difficult to see past the world's atheistic / christian-hypocritical views. Uh, Christianity... I don't know what to think about it right now, I guess its ok.
    Hypocrisy? "Friends." Backstabbers.
    Premarital sex? I wouldn't unless the person was reliable, civil and decent. But, others can

    When do you want to...
    Go to college? Right after I get out of high school.
    Get married? When it'll work out, when I've found somebody.
    Die? Once I've learned a thing or two I'll be good to go, I suppose. But I'd kind of prefer to stay a while!
    Live? Every day.
    Go on a quest? like, now.

    Why do you...
    Cry? stress, loss
    Break down? when people are fucking retards to those i care about, when im upset about something
    Deceive? I'm not as arrogant to think I have any place deceiving anybody. Though if I have been deceived, I will devceive.
    Breathe? everyday, though i don't quite know why
    Love? Because I'm very much capable of it.

    Made your life difficult? The twits who brough all their drama shit upon me. Get fuckin' over it already.
    Made you cry? when people are fucking losers, and or i've wronged someone
    Made you want to die? lots a people.
    Made your day? My boy (my boyfriend)
    Made you hope? annie and wan

    Do you treat the ones who have been true to you? I'm true to them in return, I'm hoping.
    Do you treat the ones you deceive? With all manners of deception, I suppose.
    Can I get to know you? You can't.
    Should you be treated? Respectfully.
    Do you deal with people saying bad things about you? Depends on who it is. If its someone I care about, I talk to them. If it's drama shit, I shrug it off and have nothing to do with it.

    Where do you...
    Work? home, lol
    Play? school
    Love? Anyplace
    See your friends? At school And when I'm out.
    See your enemies? Sometimes they try to get me to notice them, and I don't, really... until I'm told, Hey that twit over there's bein' a stupid fuck!.. lol

    I'm gonna wait for you
    If your the one, we'll see this through

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