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Sarah (illusional_life) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 19:09:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:"Iris:- Goo Goo Dolls

    ok, so now I appreciate sleep.. isnt it funny how when we were little we never wanted to sleep? but, now we're like.. whoa.. bed, i need sleep!!

    Don't come near me today
    Wouldn't want you to waste away

    Just stay where you are
    Near, yet far away

    Noone understands this
    It must be put into play

    Don't let me see you today
    Wouldn't want me to follow

    Just keep away, far today
    Wouldn't want you to waste away

    Or get caught up and left
    To die again for another day.....

    Sadness has overcome me
    Swept up in my regret
    It numbs me
    Relieves me from the pain
    And the sound of the ever-pounding rain
    beating in my heart
    tearing me apart

    Darkness is upon me
    Drowning in waters of doubt
    They engulf me
    Drag me down
    Till noone can hear my sound
    And my voice fades by day
    As I slip away

    Bitterness has ruled me
    Fires have consumed me
    Ashes are left
    They hide the scars
    Left by unforgiving souls
    Who put away all their goals

    Now all this seems to have left me
    As if it never were upon me
    You were the one to get through
    Of anyone of them, I knew you were the one
    You'd bring out the sun
    You made it shine on my face
    And cast away any disgrace

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