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Ash (ilikecorndogs) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 15:04:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:"Last Kiss"

    Why are some songs so sad. I'm listening to "Last Kiss" which is a song about a guy who was on a date with some girl and then they got into a car crah. Well the guy who was driving (on the date) lived however his girlfriend didn't. And he like really loved her which when your young it's hard to find a person you really love and he did and then he lost her. It took him like 3 years to write the song because it hurt him so much. Well... on to my love life (or lack of). Remember that guy i wrote about in my last entry? Turns out he a) has a girlfriend and b)Only likes girls if they are HOT. Which it's important to have an attraction towards someone but if that's it.....? He'd rather date a hot, bitch than a sweet,friendly, nice less attractive girl......not ugly just not drop dead gorgous. Why are guys such asses. Sorry to all those guys reading this i'm sure not all of you are asses it 's just that i've had bad experiences with guys. First off there's my father who is an ass and any of you who know me personally know what i'm talking about. For the others let's just say me and my dad don't get along well. Secondly my first boyfriend ever broke up with me in the cafeteria at school and said he didn't want a girlfriend right the end of 4th hour he was going out with his ex who hates me. Then we got back together again and he never wanted to go out with me. NOT ONCE!!!!! I think he never really liked me...... who could blame him. The next couple of guys that found out i liked them said, "Ewwww" "I don't like her" "Gross" "Ohh(with that voice that says damn)" or some combination of the four.

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