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Jay (ik0n2all) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 01:19:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:descendents - "im not a loser"

    and dont forget to breathe
    ok so i woke up this morning, showered, and got ready for katie to call me. pretty corny but oh well, i do what i want. she came online around 12 and then i went over to her house. we watched some movies with her mom and brother. then during the one part of the kenan and kel movie she was laughing so hard that she started crying. it was pretty funny and her brother kept rewinding it. good times.

    then i had the test at lonestar ((thumbs down)). it was ridiculous. how am i supposed to name all of these wines and hard liquors if i dont drink or know anything about alcohol... sooooooorry but that test was a mess. it seriously hurt my head. they asked me so much stuff and i dont think i would pass if i prepared myself for it and knew what the questions were gonna be. why do u have to write a novel to serve food. who knows. i would have been so much better off just staying at katies and forgetting about the test.

    then i went to surf taco tonight. oh man, i havent been there in like probably almost 2 months and it was so good. good times, good times. now we just have to wait for greg to get back so we can go there in the middle of the winter like we did last year after we used to get done skating. more good times.

    tonight i just watched tv, talked to katie, and really didn't do anything cuz it was kinda late by the time i got home. i worked on my essay a bit but i have 2 hours to dedicate to it tomorrow in lab so i can finish it up... hopefully.

    well thats about it for today.

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