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Jay (ik0n2all) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 23:32:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:poison the well - "for a bandaged iris"

    i cannot inhale that sparkle of your voice
    so today was pretty boring.

    i woke up and there was nothing to do. no one around, nothing. i went outside and played basketball for a while which i only do when i'm bored. i came back inside and watched dogma cuz it was on and i had nothing better to do.

    then i was gonna go to lonestar to check my schedule but i just decided to call while i was going there and found out i have to take a test before i do my last training day and i wanted to take it right then but i have to go in on sunday at 4 to take it.

    then i went to walmart to look for stuff i might want for christmas and to get something at mcdonalds cuz i had a free sandwich thing from the monopoly game which before i went to go order i checked it and realized it expired a few days ago... grr. they expire way too fast.

    then i decided to stop in at my moms work and jeremy was there so i talked to him for a few minutes before he had to leave again.

    then i came home and played more basketball and stayed bored. i talked to katie for an hour or so then ate dinner and then we talked on the phone and then online again. woohoo!

    then tonight jon came and picked me up and we just went driving. we went to starbucks and walked around barnes and noble for a while. then we went to best buy and looked at a bunch of stuff. then we went and checked out that new super double plaza thing in howell because there was nothing better to do. that thing is insane.

    so yea, that was my day... plus all of the other posting i did. now i just gotta wait until sunday when i get to hang out with katie again.

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