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it's just robyn (ihearmybrain) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 10:17:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:MXPX- "Move to Bremerton" [aw i haven't heard this forever]

    So, I am back in Oregonia. We got to Vancouver the day before yesterday. Little Noah is the most adorable baby in the world. Period. Besides Kaia.
    So yeah.. Mom picked me up last night. And I am now in the new casa. It's nice. The rooms are super small. My room is where everyone puts the junk that they don't know what to do with. So it's very messy in there. I have yet to put a bed and paint up. I might get a futon. Or we may just keep the matresses I have now and put them on the floor. I don't want the frame. And I don't want furniture..but I think I may need it. I have too much crap, and nowhere to put it. I need to throw stuff away.

    My aunt (that hates me) gave me a computer. And I am on it as we speak. It's nooice. (teehee). It has XP, which makes it super snazzy. I like it a bunch.

    I'm talking to the Ssyl. We're having a date tonight. At 8:30 we will look at mars and sing our song. It will be splendid. She got to go to the beach last night. No fair. Next time- we are going to the beach FOR SURE.

    I saw Elizabeth yesterday. It was pretty boring. She just came over and we sat. She was only here for like half an hour or so. On the way here we had a scary little encounter. We were walking through this neighborhood, which some like to call the mcminnville ghetto. And keep in mind that there are no ghettos in this neighborhood is just prety gross. So this lady drives up to us and tells us that a man just drove by, and "checked us out real good", and then parked and got out. So she offered us a ride, cause the guy was creepy. Luckily she was nice and wasn't a creep herself. She had a young son in the car, which made it easier to trust her. She drove us home, and all was good.

    So. I shouldn't be bored. And I'm really not. But I am lazy. Very lazy. I need to do something. And you would think, hell there's plenty for her to do. But no. I have let the laziness take over. And really there isn't very much to do because I don't know where anything goes. So I will continue to sit.

    I've already eaten too much. I had a piece of toast at 6 and then another one at about 9. Ugh. Gross. Just gross.

    We are going shopping on Wednesday for clothes. Hooray.

    Good Charlotte is playing right now. They make me mad. I used to like his voice, but it makes me mad now. It's so..icky. I used to be mad that Tyler took those CDs, but really it's a good thing, because otherwise they'd just be getting wasted somewhere. He has my Rufio and Chevelle CDs as well. I don't care about Chevelle, but Rufio? That was my baby. Rufio are my babies. =( I want it back.

    This is enough rambling. I'm done.

    Tata babies.

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