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Iris (ihcutie8911) wrote,
@ 2008-04-03 21:15:00
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    Something's up and I don't know what it is (in my head that was sung in an obnoxious and mocking voice, so don't take pity, please!)

    I'm just really restless right now. I'm reading for PhilBio and I cannot do it. I just cannot force myself to comply with myself and do the work. What is up, world? Mind? Self? What are you doing?

    I feel kind of useless right now, in terms of my contribution to society and who I am in general. What do I do? I don't do anything. I like to think and speculate, but I am not a man of action, like Hercules or the Reverend Jeremiah Wright (haha just kidding. GO AMERICA). Seriously though, guys, I am frakking bored.

    So, I have like, a crush. A burly Irishman with Mike Leonard-esque red hair and a beard. He's sick. He approached me after class one day and we walked back to our dorms together (vomit because that's almost sentimental), and we just like, ya know, interact sometimes, and so I was going to like, turn the tables and approach him this time because for the past few classes I was kind of cold (without meaning to be) and then he was ABSENT! ugh. I know that the extent of my love life being this is pretty beyond pathetic, especially since he was probably just being nice (although I was wearing my hat and headphones blaring music when he approached me, my hair is currently jet-black, and I had all black on because my pants were black and my coat is black. Essentially, I was a big old gothic pastefest of anti-friendly matter. And somehow, this said, "Approach me, cute manboy whom I thought was out of my league! Because I'm not confused enough about how this world works."

    So that's it. BiG nEwS. Maybe I'll like this guy and we can just chill until break. At the very least I think he;'s a stoner and so I could have a new friend to party with who doesn't suck. That'd be sweet.

    Anyways, I should get back to reading. Hope y'all are good.



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