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You Know Me, Or You Think You Do (ihadsars) wrote,
@ 2004-02-26 21:28:00
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    Current mood:alright
    Current music:The Strokes

    I don't wanna waste your time
    Redditisne libros? speaking of latin, i was watching seinfeld and kramer says"you know, ive been reading a book about leonardo da vinci, and that means 'from vinci'." haha. anyway. today drew and i find out that our latin reports that we worked on yesterday are actualyl due tomororw. so for once i did somethign the day before it was due, but since i thought it was due thursday and was doing it on wednesday, i geuss i still lose. oh wellll. hmm, ive discovered that if you dont do latin jsut abotu every day, you forget a lot. that is the case with me. we have been workign on that door, and our projects, so no latin perse. then he gives us this packet. its difficult, i have the suspicion that it is all wrong! haha. well thatd be crazy. c show wasnt that funny, excpet when he made fun of lil jon, who is about the worst rapper ever. ah. i miss talking to elise. i call her cell, she does not answer unfortunately for me. i hope to talk to her soon. theres a lot of people that i wish to talk to. ive been told by a friend, adam, to not think about callign them, jsut do it. hes right, if you think about it, you get second thoughts and think about the repercussions and everything. mad tv is funny a lot of the time. i watched it today. so for lent i gave up the internet after school until 6. its crazy, i dont know what to do with myslef. but i played some vid games today and whatnot. skated for liek 10 minutes, it was colder than i thought. well goodnite!

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