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truth with elegance (if_i_could) wrote,
@ 2004-11-10 16:37:00
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    yesterday's fun-ness
    so edinburgh yesterday.
    an 850 mile round trip.
    mr lenman's birthday.
    was ace :o)

    we set off at half past ten yesterday morning and after sampling the 'delights' of the m40/m42/m6/m74/a74 we arrive in edinburgh at around quarter to 5.
    then drive round the city centre desperately trying to remember how to get to the venue.
    we phone stu,who does his best to help and a short while later we arrive at the venue,due to hol's excellent memory and navigation skills (what do you mean you're not allowed to use a bus stop to do a u turn?)
    we meet mr stu (yay!) and he and hol head up to the venue armed with cake and presents for the lenman.
    they return a short while later,mr jamie and the very lovely kate in tow.
    jamie opens his presents and to our surprise,admits that he's never seen dragnet.
    how this is possible i don't know.
    he seems pretty pleased with his presents but even more impressed with the pizza that we bought him in a fantastic buy one get one free offer at sainsburys.
    after queueing for a good 3/4s of an hour we are let into the downstairs bit of the venue,which makes all the queueing pointless as everyone is herded in in a crowd and there is no advantage to being at the front of the queue.
    dave is fantastic yet again and it was nice to hear a longer set from him.he dedicates strangers stories to stu then later tries to get him to sing along to another song.
    stu doesn't.
    boo stu.:op
    twofold sound better every night and are awesome yet again,they dedicate their set to jamie on account of it being his birthday,which is nice.
    we see chrispy and his rather lovely friend and dance in a stupid fashion to the between bands cd.
    reuben are amazing and despite being deafened by the stack of speakers immediately to my left i enjoy their set immensely.
    jon stops freddy k after the first verse and we sing happy birthday to jamie whilst walter presents him with a cake,complete with candles.
    then for hundred reasons,words can't describe how great they are so i shan't try.
    halfway through the set we retire to the back of the venue and stand with mr stu,the cold has made my back hurt and i will later hobble out of the venue like a hunchbacked cripple,attractive.
    after the gig we hug mr stu goodbye (incidentally mr stu gives the best hugs in the world after mr lenman) and head off home,but not before buying another 2 copies of hammer to the hornets nest from pretty john and danny twofold,which is our small way of trying to support them a bit on this tour (so if anyone would like one just ask)
    hol is an utter legend and drives us home in super duper time and we are home and in bed by 10 past 6.
    photos will be collected later and looked at fondly.

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