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collean (icrydiamondz_x) wrote,
@ 2005-02-12 10:26:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:let me in your arms to feel

    fun fun in the sun
    okay well i just got home. i didn't find out who wrote that but honestly- i'm over it now. if they're gonna write shit and hate. LET THEM i dont care what people think of me.

    so after all of that i went to rachels, so weird cuase i was pissed at her cuase i thought it was her?! yeah idk who cares. madyson was there and we had a great time talking and just being retards. we all wanted to get together today but imbusy and i dotn think that mady and rach are either. so i think we're all getting together next weekend again and get fucked up which will be tons of fun. well after madyson left me and rach just sat around and talked .. and then we went downstairs fooled around made milkshakes then we watched naploean dynamite and fell asleep at like 930? yeah WTF? its friday!! oh well. i woke up there and we just sat around and then i came home. it was a little awkward this time being there. which i've never felt before . oh well . peace outtie i gotta go eat and get ready for my dayyy

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