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collean (icrydiamondz_x) wrote,
@ 2005-02-09 22:05:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Since you've been gone_ k. Clarkson

    look at this b e a Utiful layout!
    mmkay, so officially 2 hours later i have finished my layout. yes ladies and gents, i - collean, have created this layout. i love it =)

    well today started out interesting. the hot water ran out . so i waited around liek 15 minutes for the water to heat back up and then i was late, so my mom drove me in to school at like 830 so i missed 1st per. =D i hate that class, it drags major ass. so i walk in and i see amanda hainsworth, come to find out she got kicked out of alternative school. oh well, i see her a lot during the day. shes such a sweet heart. well then around 3rd or 4th period i hear kara benoit telling matt " i have a love letter for you, but i'm scared to give it to you" that bitch fucked him over so many times. why would she ever do that? and if matt takes her back i'll HAVE to kick his ass
    cuase thats insane. well the rest of the day was decent. the new girl, Madison is freaking gorgous and hilarious and she wants me ape and nomack to go to her house one day and smoke it up and get fucked up. it sounds like fun, but do i really want to hurt my body that way? idk, whatever happens happens. so after school i had to do track attendance which i hate with a fawkin passion and we were locked out of the wieght room so i couldn't do anything! it was me and jewel and we just chilled with the guys and talked to matt and javon for ike 15 minutes. it was so cute, javon goes to Julie, julie will you go to prom with me? and she looks at him an goes . shut the fuck up! and then matt goes "collean, will you go to prom with me?" of course i was like yeah, let's go. so he turns to javon and says " i got my date! i got my date!" thats the second time he mentioned prom to me .. and the second time he indirectly said he was at least thinking about taking me? i get such mixed signals from that kid, and so many people think that there is something between me and him . whatever, i could only D R E A M of that kid and me being together. i mean common, hes the star player of the football team, and hes a S E N I OR, what does a freshman have a chance with him for? yeah, thats right. i know you agree with me. but back to story. so after the whole prom shin dig, me and matt got to talking about the letter and he said it was two pages long, and that he's NOT going to get back together with her. let's see how long that lasts for. i bet i'll see them in the hallways holding hands and kissing by next tuesday. yeah BITCH . umm so after track Julie came home with me and me and rachel fought becuase of some shit on my myspace blog and then she told me shes sick of my shit and doesn't even want to be friends anymore?! yeah, don't be too sure that kara is going to stay around. remember it is the week, and as soon as armando gets his car you won't hear from kara ever again. they're going to be together all the time and your white ass is going to be bumped the fuck out, yeah rach. you know i'm right. so don't come crying to me . so she basically blamed the downfall of our "best friendship" on me, whatever it takes two to tango. i can play this game too. She said she didn't want to talk anymore. I'm going to show her the COLD SHOULDER tomorrow. so after that fight Julie decided she wanted to straighten her hair and i said it was fine.. and continued to fight with rach. then i got bored, put up an away and found myself doing Julie's makeup and hair. god shes so pretty, it's freaking amazing. i love her to death and i think she's gorgous . she should too.. but she doesn't and it's awful. i just wish i could fix everything for her =/ .. well .. IF matt comes on tonight i'm gonna be like Hey Matt, if i wrote you a love letter, woud you fall for me? ( jokingly ) ;D . i am one sly motha fuck aren't i? haha lol. well after that whole julie makup shin dig she left and i worked on my layout =) which i love so dearly and now im here, and its a nice 1019 and i have to still do my homework, which is only a little, clean up my room, and do my conformation summary's. Damn, too much work.

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