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Forgotten Little Soilder (icp_666) wrote,
@ 2004-08-01 09:48:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:All Kinds Of Time by Fountains Of Wayne

    Whats up!?!?
    man im so f*cking bored. i wish my dad didnt read my stupid journal so i could cuss. im so sick of not cussing on here. its so f*cking stupid that he reads this. i mean its a journal...its where my personal thoughts go. im suposed to be able to cuss on it and he shouldnt be able to read it. i mean you guys can because i dont know you but him....thats pisses me off. anyways. well i IMd Chad today...i dont think he was to happy about me IMing him...oh well. he'll get over it lol. yeah. so. im bored. dude i wish i could put music on this thing. oh well. well we go back to school on thursday! so im excited about that. i have to find a boyfriend. i need one badly. lol. this one guy asked me out but i dont like he wont do lol. i need to find sumone that likes me...hmm...i dont know. CHINGA TU MADRE! dude my friend just told me that ment "go fuck your mom" dude thats so awesome im gonna tell everyone that now. ok i just got done yelling a this dude and i said it and hes like wtf and then hes like bye. ok well you know what? im bored as f*ck. i love saying f*uck. f*ck f*ckedy f*ck f*ck f*ck!!! lol yea im weird...i knoe. man im bored. im gonna go lol. later

    Someone please post...I hate when no one posts.

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