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Forgotten Little Soilder (icp_666) wrote,
@ 2004-06-26 11:01:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:When I Come Around by Green Day

    yeah so wuts up guys? ok who ever is reading this please post on it. i dont care what you say, just post please. im sick of no one posting!!! lol well bored as h3ll....can u guys tell yet? probably not. well we leave on thursday 0_o so im happy about that. i finally have something to do this summer rather than just sit around here all day and do nothing. up there i can hang out with Jackson and Jacob. and i can go in the creek. and if im lucky, it will rain just a little bit so we can go muddin!!! have yall ever done that before? its so much fun you should try it sometime. when it rains, you go to a place where theres alot of mud and if u have a four wheeler you can use that to drive around in it and sling mud but, if not, you can use a truck or something. its so much fun. or u could just use a hose to make it muddy lol. 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o!!!! have you guys ever put soap and water on a trampoline and slid on it?? ive never done that before, b ut i really want to. lol. next time knox comes over we'll do that. or if any of my other friends come over we will....oh yeah knox is amanda. i just started calling ppl by there last name.....its really weird. but oh well....ok well im bored now. i just have to think of something else to talk about.... oh yeah! did you guys read those questions i put up? they are cool. hey i wrote a new poem....well only part of it. and i cant tell you why i wrote it b/c no one is suposed to know, but u can read the poem here it is

    Didn't Mean To

    Im hidding
    behind my fears
    this pain
    is truley worth my tears

    Im sorry that
    I hurt you
    I promise it was the last thing
    I ment to do.

    I sware
    I didnt mean to
    You do believe me,
    Dont you?

    ok that is all i have so far. if u guys or someone thinks its good or bad or whatever just post and tell me what you think of it. dont lie to me. i like when ppl tell me the truth. it makes me stronger in a way. thanks for not lieing to me about my stuff! oh hey look at this its so cool <^> <^> i learned that a long time ago i think its so cool.

    <^> screw you <^>

    ok i think thats so awesome i jsut had to do it with a marquee. lol yesh i know im easly amused but its ok, because im speacial like that lol. well im really getting sick of this user name. maybe i will get a new one and put all these posts on that one....that would do wouldnt it?? i think so....well im gonna go make a new user name lol. later

    \m/ ROCK ON!! \m/

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