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Forgotten Little Soilder (icp_666) wrote,
@ 2004-06-24 14:04:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Chop Suey by System Of A Down

    God im bored...
    dude im so bored right now. me,amanda,landrie,and my mom went to the Altamonte mall today. Amanada got sick...well she didnt hurl but she felt like it. and i felt bad for her. and i got two pairs of pants and three shirts. i got the pants from Hollister, and a shirt from Hollister, a shirt from Hot Topic, and a shirt from Ambercrombie & Fitch. now im watching The School Of Rock. well i've been watching it over and over again b/c i love it so much. that little kid Zach, hes really good at guitar. hes only 10. i love him already! not like that, but like an idol love. b/c hes so good at guitar lol. i guess im just obsessed with guitars....i cant help it...i told u i was saving up for a Gibson SG....its $649....and i only have $88 lol....i will get there soon enough. i only wanna use the money i earn so when i get it it will feel good to me. god this is gonna be so awesome if you guys wanna see it my screen name is and its on my profile. its so awesome. i love it. its gonna be my baby!!! LOL well im officially bored. theres nothing to do around here except play guitar, and thats fine with me. but i just wish i had a car. dude if i had a car i wouldnt be here. you know where i would be? i would be at Jem Guitars. ALL the time. i mean if anyone ever needed me i would be there. Jem Guitars is so awesome. its so awesome. im gonna work there someday.....i hope lol.....they will probably get tired of me by then and want me to leave just kidding. they are really nice. oh Mark got a hair cut. it looks really good. but he doesnt like it that much, and i told him he looked like Mark off of Blink 182 ( which he does even though hes 35 ) and hes like really? and i am gonna bring him a pick of Mark to proove it lol. well i leave soon. we leave next thursday. were gonna go to Missouri to see our family like we do every year. im gonna miss going to guitar for....well im only gonna miss once!! WHOOO HOOO!!! im so happy!! well im gonna go b/c im gonna post this question thing next so hold on! later

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