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i've been loving you to my death (ickified_misfit) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 10:12:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music: ``ka-boom ka-boom `` -- marilyn manson

    Marilyn Manson`s new cd = godly. ;D
    So, my blurty sucks, but hopefully my Em Dog will make me a sexy layout and I can make my Blurty highly sexy for all to see. Until then, I'll live. I hope I will. I just can't seem to understand the Blurty codes and it totally sucks. I hate this. I hate the look of my ugly blurty. mhm.

    My mum made me delete everyone of my MP3s off the computer. So, I was music-less until she bought me the newest Marilyn Manson CD. It`s just so amazing. I`m amazed at how awesome it is. His words are so sickly truthful that you want to turn off the CD, but something keeps you listening, even when you don't want to. Quite fun.

    Em and I are going to write a story together. wo0t!. We`re going to use the first part of this story I began to work on the other day. We`ve got some ideas for it. I just want to work a little more on the first part before I send it to her to work on the second part of it. Yeah, it`ll be fun. Something to do while I suffer through boredom.

    Passions is on today. another loud ``wo0t! `` Yep. I want Luis to find Sheridan because I`m so getting sick of her. She`s the most annoying character. And, Days is on too. Sammie + Lucas = <333. Yes, I want many babies made now. In one of those moods.

    I have two rather small poems. I don`t know if I should post them on fictionpress though. Eh. decisions, decisions. I probably will, just for some reviews. I want more of my work reviewed so I can have an even bigger ego than I already do. heh. I`m odd like that.

    That's about it. Funn times.

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