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i've been loving you to my death (ickified_misfit) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 20:08:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music: rage against the machine cause they rock

    it's my job to keep my mother dressed like a mother.
    my mom tried to leave in a super skimpy shirt. i was like, "no." she fought with me until i got her into this green polo shirt that looks way more motherly. she's pissed. but, i don't want a slut for a mother. ew, no. i share the same toliet with her.
    my brother doesn't understand that having a dog isn't a big deal. he keeps spazzing out about mac and running around screaming. so, i freaked out and slapped him. then, mac started barking. and nate was like, "ha! see! the dog doesn't like you anymore." fucking moron. i swear. im not related to him.
    he's always so stupid. like, he can't tell that erick isn't coming back into our family. he can't tell anything. it pisses me off that he's so stupid. sure, he may be only seven years old but that doesn't mean you have to be that naive about everything.

    i went on a song hunting quest and look what I found.
    it's my job to keep punk rock elite
    Indiscriminate I'd rather be elite
    I'll choose my own shit scene
    Unsubstantiated rumors flown are true
    I'm here for me not you

    Nonconglumurate I mean what I say
    I'm not your fucking scape
    Goat apparently I've alienated some
    It seems my job's half done

    You'll never understand it
    Try to buy and brand it
    I win, you lose, cause it's my job
    To keep punk rock elite

    This music ain't your fuckin' industry

    great, huh?
    you know what i hate? when you can automatically ( i can't spell ) can tell a song is by a certain band because of the sound. i mean, throw something different in those 13 songs you sell for 15 bucks. right now, im listening to the radio and i know this is rage against the machine because it sounds like them. yeah, i love them to death, but come on. i hate it.

    this post is done.

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