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Kana-hime (ichigokana) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 18:08:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Daichi - Kana

    E_E Uncles are shtuupid.
    BRRRRR. T_T One evening, Kana was customizing her desktop with a nice Mana-sama wallpaper. X_x Next morning, IT'S GONE. ::twitch twitch:: X_X The only other person who knows how to do such things is Kana's uncle. ::CHEWS HIS HEAD OFF:: >D!! Brrr, you fawking gave the computer to Kana... so leave it alone. >_>; And Kana lost all her mp3s. ;____; ~_~; However, they mysteriously "turned up"... 6 hours later.

    ^_^; Waaai, Kana got her CD. <3!! It has pretty pictures in the booklet. e_e Kana's crocheting another headpiece... ewwww, got this nice Gothic Lolita dress todai at Ross. :3 Waaaai, time to make more clothes. :X Like bondage pants. >X Amazing what one can find there. :D And Kana had Starbucks. BIG Yay. ::cough cough:: >X Kana was printing out yaoi fanfiction... o_O Until now, it was hard to imagine a Die x Kaoru pairing. >X!! >_> ::writes another fic?:: ;.; OMF, Kana needs money... ::sells herself:: >D Me love you long time.

    e_e Kana wonders how her friends are doing. :X Krystal-sempai: How was the con? :D Hope it was fun for you. T_T TATS-KUN, WTF are you. n_n; Middi, Kana will send those CDs ASAP. :D Yay, okaa-san ish making more plaid skirts for Kana. >D!! n_n Hopefully Otou-san will visit Kana on Fall Break (October 4-10). >_> Eeeks, happy birthday, Zach. :x My vampire brotha. >XD

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