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Tara (iceedeadpeepl) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 16:43:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:So Yesterday - Hilary Duff

    I need new sns
    Uhhhhhhh! I really need some more sns for instant messenger. I only have 14 people on my buddy list. So if you are a nice generous person could you please give me someones sn or give people my sn? Well anyways lets get on with life.................. today when I was waiting for the bus stop guess what? It never came! So I ended up calling my dad on my cell phone to pick me, Bianca and Elin up. ANd you know what really pisses me off? Mrs. Szumita picks up Kaitie to bring her to school and goes to Kerrie " kerrie are you coming?" and just ditches us there in the freezing cold. so as they drove past the curve I casually stuck one particular finger. And then when I finally got to school after I opened my locker and got all my crap out and sat down in homeroom I got all dizzy and my left eye was all blurry and I couldn't see anything. But during the middle of 1st period it went away. Then I had a throbbing migrain in 2nd period so I went to the nurse (who was really nice by the way) and she took my tempature and said I didn't have a fever. But she said I couldn't get any advil for my casual migrains so she gave me a paper for the rent's to sign and I went back to class. Then the throbbing started to get worse so I went to the nurse again in E period and the nurse called my mom. Then I went home! I really was happy I had to go home because I had gym next period and I was like next to fainting and I really didn't feel like running around the school 2 times in 30 degree weather. Well that was ll the interesting stuff that happened today. If you call that interesting.....................

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