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Angel_Child (icecube12) wrote,
@ 2003-06-22 00:41:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:Foo Fighters-walking after you Oasis-cigarettes and alcohol

    Try living a lie and kicking out that same old guise. Wasting time

    Into the sun we climb, climging our wings will burn white. Everyone's trappen in tight we'll ride it out. I'll be coming home next year.

    We'll live happily ever trapped, if you just save my life.
    Run and tell the angels that everything's alright.

    Take your payroll and your lottery.
    There's a place I know, there's a robbery.
    And I swear I'll never tell,
    If you swear you'll never tell.
    And we'll all make out so well,
    We will all make out so well.

    You know in all the times that we shared,
    I've never been so scared.
    Doll me up in my bad luck,Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds,
    Dreaming aloud.
    Things just won't do without you, matter of fact,
    I'm on your back.

    If you walk out on me...i'm walking after you

    Breathe out, so I can breathe you in,
    Hold you in, and now, I know you've always been.
    Out of your head, out of my head I sing.

    I'm not around that much running.
    Exhausted, at lose.
    If it could be undone will it.
    Have costed, its taught, and lost.

    I'll meet you there.
    Blowing away we stray wilted.
    Insulted, at fault.
    What if the day had stayed in bed.
    These baubbles, we've brought, at fault.

    After the bliss has long ended,
    This caution, this fault.
    Give me a breeze that long winded.
    Accosted, Adult,

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