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ashley (ibesexy) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 10:37:00
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    pepsi is the best. ;]
    this weekend, was shit. my family hates me and it's obvious. that's all i'm sayin about that. -shrug-

    i'm at christian's house. ;] he's so kick ass. we bbq'd lastnight, and had some beer, finally got to sleep about 2:30.

    tonight we're gonna hang out. i want to order some pizza and watch some movies. ;D we'll see what christian wants to do when he gets home from work. he's so fuckin cool! gah!

    anywho, brayden rocks my world. he didn't want to go see his daddy yesterday. ;[ i hate doin this to that poor child. he needs both of his parents, at the same time, and we just can't provide that for him. he just doesn't understand what's going on right now, and i hate the fact that he doesn't really understand, because it makes me feel so shitty when he doesn't want to go see him sometimes. ;/ oh well, life goes on. he'll understand some day. -sigh- anywho, that's all for now. ;D

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