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Becca (iamgirlwriter) wrote,
@ 2003-04-04 16:56:00
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    Current mood: infuriated
    Current music:Local God - Everclear

    Shitty moody bloody piss-off mood today!!!
    Must be something to do with fuckin PMS cos I am biting everyones head off and being extremely irritating and irritated. And talk about mood swings!!!
    I started off in such a deleriously happy mood this morning! I was laughing at everything and being generally nice and loving.
    And then the fucking teachers got under my skin calling me Bex (Bex is a fat ugly name) and my friends contradict themselves which just made me more annoyed (saying stuff like 'be more organised Becca' I say 'Yeah, I'll sort out my books' and they reply 'but you Wont Becca, you never do! So why ask me to do something you know I wont do, huh?)
    Grrrrness of anger. My psycology friend Rachel told me I need anger management, my mum suggested counsoling for all the panic attacks I keep having. GOD I HATE LONDON SIXTH-FORM! And why do all the rich toffs in buisness suits keep impersonating bloody old cockney? One of them said 'nice jam-jar' as I walked past. Probably thought jam-jar is code for some random thing like ars or tits So I just gestured 'up yours' and said 'I dont own a car, stupid fuckers' .
    Any other day and I would have just been nice and gone 'jam-jar means ponces!'

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