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BRiTTANY (i_wear_converse) wrote,
@ 2003-02-22 12:49:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music: The Many HONKS ; of Jen

    If my emotions had wings..
    Well. Let`s talk about the dance.

    Everything was kickin` and such.. until I told Jen`s boyfriend she didn`t like him. ( Which was true, she thought Frailer was hot and had a crush on Jon Saylor ) And he got pissed. Jen was actually giving blatant hints that she didn`t like him, and I just made it more clear.

    So he kicked and stomped off.. and I initiated to Bobby that he should go out with Jen.

    I dunno why. It just sort of kicked into my mind, and I wanted to trounce myself afterwards. Even though I kinda hate him, Jen was getting mega-sloppy seconds and Bobby is notorious for bad relationships. The metaphor I used for him was

    `` He`ll steel your heart. Crush it into pieces ; try to fix it with superglue.. break it again.. and then throw it away into a dumpster.. ``

    But Jen didn`t care. She just wanted Bobby. Bobby didn`t care. He just wanted a girlfriend.

    I`m happy.. and I trust Jen. And I sort of trust Bobby, I guess. It just shows I want friendships more than relationships.

    Sure, I guess it really is a big kick in the stomach for me initiating something with Bobby and Jen, when I really wanted to work things out with Bobby. But I guess I put it on myself. Definately not their fault..

    Jen spent the night and we did basically nothing but talk and watch music videos. I think she wants to kill all the members of Simple Plan. Lol.


    As for Lex... well she was rocking it up on the dance floor.. and danced with ZACH. Thats all I gotta say.

    Boobsie Boustier rocking out, dawg.

    PS. Zach was doing belly dances for $$. I gave him a dollar. Word up homes.


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