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Stacy (i_take_drugs) wrote,
@ 2004-06-09 19:47:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Korn - Freak on a leash

    Yeh so i went to download over the weekend! It was fuckin sweet! hehe =D
    It took 4 hours on the train so we got there at like 2:30 and had to que until 6:30pm to get into the fuckin campsite! GHEY! >=( so yeh put my tent up and made friends with the guys around us...Got stoned..Pulled his guy called matt he was like 30? or something old like that! hehe Then saturday got up got stoned went and saw some bands came back 2 the tent at stoned again passed out with Pete (hes really fit!) hehe Then woke up in petes tent on my own at 10:30 then got stoned then everyone came back so we got stoned again. Then sunday got up got stoned went and saw some bands came back after slipknot got stoned fell asleep woke up when korn were on but couldnt be fucked to move so i got stoned again then me and pete went and watched metallica but we got horny so we went back 2 muh tent and foocked hehe yay! then got stoned again Then we attempted gettin stoned at like 12am but the security guard took my weed away from us so i got drunk instead. everyone went to bed at 1am except me, Nathan and lee (they were fit too!) So i decided i was drunk and started drinkin the vodka pure...which i cant handle so i started puking \m/ someone had to puke and that someone was me! hehe So yeh me nathan and lee all slept in my tent! hehe awww cute <3 Then we all got up at 7am and put our tents down then we all said goodbye! It was really said! download rocked thou! so woohoo!
    Lars from metallica was ill so the Slayer drummer was on for one song then JOEY JORDISON WAS ON FOR MOST OF THE NIGHT!!! Yay! hehe Yummy

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