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Painfully Reflecting (i_need_a_hero) wrote,
@ 2004-10-06 20:12:00
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    Survey thingy I stole!
    +` name: Roxanne
    +` gender: female
    +` height: 5'3''
    +` hair color: brown
    +` eye color: blue
    +` location: Oklahoma
    +` fears: snakes, spiders, dark, being alone, growing old and realizing that I never did anything in my life

    +` cheated on someone: never, haven't had the chance to and won't anyway
    +` fallen off the bed: yupper
    +` fallen for a relative: no
    +` had plastic surgery: no
    +` failed a grade: no
    +` broken someones heart: Not that i've ever noticed, Who the hell's heart would I break?
    +` had your heart broken: that's a big ten four good buddy
    +` done something you regret: who hasn't. . . only a SMALL few
    +` cheated on a test: yes, like 8 year ago. it was a spelling test. And believe it or not I was good at spelling til then. . . Damn Karma
    +` broken a body part: no

    +` wearing: white shirt and jeans
    +` listening to: Fall Out Boy :: Dead On Arrival
    +` chewing: cheek. . . damn
    +` feeling: lonely
    +` located: living room
    +` chatting with: nobody
    +` watching: monitor
    +` should really be: DOING SOMETHING!

    SECTi0N>4: D0 Y0U_
    +` brush your teeth: OF COURSE!
    +` like anybody: not anymore
    +` have any piercings: two holes each ear, one is closing up though. . . damn. I want to get a third hole too
    +` believe in Santa: Sure, why not?
    +` ever get off the PC: not really

    +` hugged: Corey or Jon
    +` gave eprops to: Megan I think
    +` IMed: Megan
    +` talked to on the phone: Errrrr. . . I think Lacey. I don't talk on the phone that much anymore
    +` yelled at: Hmmmmm. . . in person or in "letter"?
    +` fell in love with: Love is fake
    +` tripped: most likly some time today

    SECTi0N>7: PERS0NAL_
    +` what do you want to be when you grow up? happy and not alone
    +` what was the worst day of your life? I can't put that up here. A few people know what day that was though
    +` most embarrassing story: none that i'm sharing !D
    +` the best day of your life? I can't think of a day when it was so good it out weighed the bad
    +` what comes first in your life? Nothing really, kind of sad. . . OK really sad
    +` do you have a bf/gf/crush? Not anymore
    +` if you had an extra set of eyes, where would you put them? JUST ONE PAIR!? DAMN. I WOULD PUT THEM ON MY FINGER AND FREAK PEOPLE OUT!! (ok, that wasn't in CAPS but I'm too lazy to go back and fix it)
    +` what do you usually think about before you go to bed? How the HELL did I get to where I am today?

    SECTi0N>8: FAV0RiTE_
    +` movie: Dogma, Nightmare Before Chirstmas, LOTR, and many more
    +` song: iris :: goo goo dolls, HEY YOU!:: androids, Gasoline :: seether, Letters to you :: Finch, and White Houses :: Vanessa Carlton
    +` store: dont have one
    +` relative: Mom, I guess. . .
    +` sport: Ewwwwwww. . .none
    +` vacation spot: N.Y. city, to bad that's so close to that familt there
    +` ice cream flavor: Not a big fan of ice Cream
    +` fruit: bannananannnananers?
    +` candy: REESE!
    +` holiday: Haloween or Chistmas
    +` day of the week: Saturday
    +` colors: Black. . . Green? I don't know anymore

    SECTi0N>9: D0 Y0U_
    +` like to give hugs: to a few
    +` like to walk in the rain: one of my favorite things to do, to bad it hasn't rain in a long time
    +` sleep with or without clothes on: with
    +` blue or black pens: blue?
    +` dress up for halloween: Any excuse to dress up is a good one
    +` like to travel: to some places
    +` sleep on side, stomach, or back: side
    +` want to marry: If i meet the right person. . . maybe
    +` have a goldfish: not anymore
    +` have stuffed animals: What kind of person doesn't? **looks around** Oh. . .
    +` go on vacation: to some places

    SECTi0N>10: 0THER QUESTi0NS_
    +` do you go to church? no, haven't found one I liked
    +` do you like church? not what most of them teach
    +` why or why not? They play God off as a hateful revangful ass. I can't believe that he/She is
    +` what's your favorite kind of tree? weeping willow
    +` out of all your friends who has the coolest room? Ya know what? I haven't been to most of their rooms. I guess Lacey wins by default

    ---? Attraction
    Are you a flirtatious person? not really
    Physically, what immediately draws you to the opposite sex? eyes, and arms
    Personality-wise, what immediately draws you to the opposite sex? kindness and/or how funny they are
    Is their social status important? nope
    Does it matter if they are involved in activities like sports or music? nope
    Have you ever gotten butterflies because you liked someone so much? Once, but they died a slow death

    ---? First Date
    For a first date, would you rather go out alone or out with friends? Depends on how well I know the person
    Go to a place where you can talk or go to a place where you can have fun? both, have fun first and then talk
    To you, is feeling a connection important on the first date? You shouldn't do anythign with anyone if you don't feel a connection
    What is one place you wouldn't want to go to for a first date? I don't think it would matter
    Have you ever been on a blind date? never had a date
    Do you kiss on the first date? Never had a date

    ---? Love
    Have you ever been in love? In a way, but that person wasn't real
    How do you know if you're in love? Love always seems so fake to me, when you say you are
    Have you told someone that you loved them when you really didnt? NO! That's mean!
    Is having love in your life important? in some ways
    Do you think you are or will be good at expressing love? Never enough to others
    Do you think it's true that we all have one soulmate in our life? Life is what we make it, if you make yourself a soulmate, then yes.

    ---? Upsets
    Have you ever liked/loved someone and never had that feeling returned? YUP!
    Have you ever asked the opposite sex out and been turned down? Not really
    Have you ever been set up as a joke? not that I can think of
    Have you ever dated someone because you felt bad about turning them down? no, leading someone on is a horrible thing to do
    Have you ever had your heart broken? sure have

    There you go. To some time but I got it done. It ended up bring back more then I wanted to remmeber but I got it done. GO ME!

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