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katelyn (i_love_you_dude) wrote,
@ 2004-09-12 09:39:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:none, bitch

    1. wHo aM i? katelyn
    2. wheRe am I fRom? a hospital
    3. bEtTer RepReseNt? the north east coast. :p
    4. BeSt dAe EveR? dunno...
    5. bAbiE bOy or GirL? BaBiE GeRli
    6. wHo aM i In To? liam...
    7. Mad SkiLLs? hell yeah
    ------------WHO DID THESE THINGS LAST?-------
    7.) Called you: tasha
    8.) Saw you cry: dont remember
    9.) Made you cry: liam
    10.) You went to the mall with: hmm...i really dont remeber lol
    11.) Yelled at you: nikkie kinda, over the internet...
    12.) Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the milkcompany?: lmao nope
    13.) Said I love you and meant it: to liam
    14.) Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc: xD i fight with my dogs and win :p
    15.) Been to New York? yeah, i love there!
    16.) Been to Florida?: no
    17.) California?: yeah
    18.) Hawaii?: yup
    19.) Mexico?: no
    20.) Canada: yeah
    21.) Danced Naked: nah
    22.) Had a dream about something really crazy, then it happened? no and that's a good thing
    23.) Stalked someone?: nope
    24.) Had a mud bath?:nOo
    25.) Wished you were the opposite sex?:yeah
    26.) What time is it now? 9:43
    ------------ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS--------------
    41.) Laughs the weirdest?: lol uhm...natalie i think
    42.) Going to have the most kids: tina lol
    43.) Who !have you known the longest: michelle!
    44.) Is the quietest? erin i think
    45.) skipped (grr!)
    46.) Who is the funniest? liam, greg, natalie
    47.) Who is the moodiest?: uhm...nikki
    48.) Biggest player? >.<
    48 1/2. biggest homie hopper? dunno
    49.) Who do you usually go to about all of your problems: tina, tasha, liam
    50.) Physical things you like in a (Guy/Girl)?: physical = nice hair, eyes, short (i love short people lol)
    51.) Do you have a crush on someone? yeah
    52.) Do they know? yeah
    53.) Do you have a bf/gf?: nope
    54.) Do Dreams tell the future?: i hope not
    55.) Has a dream ever told your future? nope
    56.) What book are you reading now? cirque du freak #5
    57.) Nicknames: lots
    58.) Hair Colour: orange xD
    59.) Height: 5'3
    60.) Pets: yeah
    61.) Siblings: mm hmm
    62.) Been so drunk you didn't remember that you were drunk?: yup
    63.) Taken any illegal substances: eah
    64.) Gone out in public in your pajamas?: of course
    65.) Missed school b/c it was raining?: nah
    66.) Set any body part on fire for amusement: yeah
    67.) Kept a secret from everyone?: yup
    68.) Wanted to h0ok up wi+h a fri3nd? yes
    69.) Cried during a movie?: mm hmm
    70.) Had a crush on a teacher: ew, that's gross
    71.) Ever thought an animated character was cute? nope
    72.) Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: nopes
    73.) Planned your week based on the TV Guide: never
    -------------IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS --------------
    80.) Cried: of course -sigh-
    81.) Cut your hair: no
    82.) Worn a skirt: nah
    83.) Been mean?: yup
    84.) Been sarcastic: mm hmm
    85.) Talked to someone you have a crush on?: i don't think so...=( it's been so long.
    86.) Hugged someone: yeah!
    87.) Wished on a star: nah, only an eyelash lol
    88.) Laughed until you cried: prolly
    89.) Played Truth or Dare: no
    90.) Watched a sunrise/sunset: nope
    91.) Spent time alone: yuppers
    --------RANDOM THINGS----------
    92.) Are you lonely?: yeah
    93.) Are you Happy?: not really =(
    94.) Are you talking to someone online: no
    95.) Superstitions: nope
    96.) What is your full name?: katelyn mary hicks
    97.) Who named you?: my parents
    98.) When was the last time you showered? last night
    99.) What type of pants do you have on right now?: pj pants :p
    100.) What song are you listening to right now?: none
    101.) If you could change your name what would it be: skye
    102.) Sleep with a stuffed animal? yeah
    103.) What's the stupidest thing you have ever done?: everything i do is stupid lol
    104.) What will your first son's name be?: dunno...devon or liam
    105.) Favorite drink: dr pepper
    106.) Scary or happy movies: depends on my mood...right now = scary
    107.) On the phone or in person? person
    108.) Lust or Love?: love
    109.) skipped (grr!)
    110.) Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: dont care
    111.) How's the weather right now?: it's kinda sunny
    112) What did you do last night?: uhm...went out to dinner and went to boarders.
    113.) How are you today? sad
    114.) How do you eat an Oreo?: i bite it
    115.) What makes you happy? friends and music
    116.) What makes you mad? my parents, myself (sometimes), school...
    117.) What do you want to be when you grow up?: dunno yet
    118.) Favorite Food?: chinese, fries, pizza
    119.) Fave girls perfume?: dunno?
    120.) Fave guy's cologne?: axe
    121.) Like to dance: im not good lol
    122.) Fast or slow?: im slow lol
    123.) Are you afraid to ask someone out?: depends on who it is
    124.) Fave clothes store/brand? hot topic
    125.) what time is it?: 9:55
    126) ) WORST FEELING IN THE World?: depression, loving someone who doesn't love you back
    127.) WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP?: it's 6"00 alreadY!?!?
    128.) Favorite place to eat?: anywhere w/ good food
    129.) Favorite alcoholic beverage: eh, i dunno
    130) Favorite type of music: rock
    131) FUTURE CHILD'S NAME: devon, skye
    132) skipped (grr!)
    133) female or male? im a female...

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