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_&# he`s loving me for me (i_love_chock) wrote,
@ 2003-03-31 20:27:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    cause i`m a teardrop away from crying and a few shots away from dying;
    i don`t know whats up with me & chock.
    we haven`t talked in like forever. ok well..since thursday night actually.
    i dunno..sometimes it seems like...all he cares about is getting high & never about me. ;\ if he doesn`t meet me this weekend then i`m not gonna stay in a relationship with him, because it`s basically a waste of my time. yanno what i mean ? i mean, i could be meeting other guys that i`m sittin here saying no to for chock when he`s out getting lit and not giving a damn about me. i dont know. maybe he does care...but he sure doesn`t act like it. anyway, how was my weekend ?
    it was great actually. friday night kayla & brian came over and we all chilled. it was really fun. i looooove kayla ;D she rocks my world. lol yea and then sat. me and kayla just chilled out all day. then sunday i went to wackoff`s and i was all decked out in southpole shit. i looked straight up thuggin. what can i say ? i`m a motha fuckin P-i-M-P !, anyway, and me & matt and my bro rode around and shit and we smoked like 3 joints. fuq yea. it was fun as fuck. lol so yea. my weekend rocked ;D. loll well i`m pretty tired so i`ma head on to bed. ni ni

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