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_&# he`s loving me for me (i_love_chock) wrote,
@ 2003-03-22 10:11:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:*Eminem feat. 50 cent-You wanna be me*

    so yesterday I was just sitting here thinking.
    i realized, that I am in love with chock.
    and I told katie & she was sooo happy for me,
    because i`m usually a pimp who doesn`t fall in love.
    and now its like woah. i`ve never felt this way about anyone else in the world.
    it`s sooo crazy.
    so, me & chock talked for like 45 minutes & then he wanted me to call him back in 5 minutes. well, i was downloading songs & totally forgot about it. so he imed me and i was like ooh yea. so I was trying to call him back my cellphone was being a piece of shit. i was like gah u fuckerr. thenn i called him later...& we talked for like 20 minutes? god he is such a sweet guy. no one has ever treated me like he does..but yea it was sooo great talking to him. he told me to call him at 10 this morning & it`s 9:37 so yay! I get to talk to my lover soon.
    anyway, last night I was sposed to go out with hillary but she ended up having to babysit. but her parents aren`t gonna be there tonight so we`re gonna go over there & maybe go to strike & spare. lol yehhhh brad wants to meet me there but eh i`m not sure. & my brother are getting really close again. we used to fight sooo much & now we don`t that much. we are both stoner asses haha.
    him & his friends wanted me to go out with them on thursday night & last night but my mom said no. gah lol.
    omg i told my mom that i smoke weed. i don`t know why...i just felt like she wouldn`t care. it was cool. me & her like talked alot yesterday. we went out to eat at a chinese place lol.
    aw omg I got 3 new magazines too.
    rolling stone has 50 cent on it. I love him!
    eminem & fiddy are my obsessions.
    theyyyy are so hottt ;D
    damon just imed me.
    geez. he looks just like fuckin eminem.
    i can`t believe we dated 5 times rofl.
    the first time we were together...
    i was in love with him.
    he still holds a special place in my heart.
    but i don`t think i`ll ever get back with him.
    aww. it`s 10:07 now so i guess i`ll go call my babyy chock.

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