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Shakespeare Fairy (hyperprep) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 16:18:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:The Donnas

    Wow.... I guess you all must be wondering what happened to me, am I right? Well I havn't updated in so long. The family has been having a ton of problems. Tim and my sister have been getting into huge fights and my sister cussed out Tim and my mom. Tim threatened a divorce to mom and I got grounded because Tim said that I told him a lie because I said I was going to the pool when I went up to Britneys THEN went to the pool I also lost my wallett. But, my mom found it! Thank GOD! All of my four major credit cards were in there! But whatever. As you can tell Im just giving the big things that happened. Jonathan broke up with me. He said that he didn't want to hurt me anymore. Yeah, the same old breakup line. He went to the movies with Anna "as friends". So, I got mad and went off and started crying and told him how horrible he was but then I figured out that they went with Anna parents AND Baker. It was all my fault. I cryed for two days, but I'm over it now. Well Nathaniel (one of the Bullfrog members) likes me! Nathaniel is such a hottie! And needless to say I like him to! Jenny called him up and told him. But, no word yet! Also, I've been swimming almost everyday down to the pool! I've learned all the swim team techniques to join at West next year. Speakin of school, I'm here at my dad's and will be for two weeks and my sister is waking me up every morning at 7 to take me to driver's ed from 8-12. EVERYONE OFF THE STREETS! lol Daddy bought two jetskis and a new van for vacation! We're going to White Lake and my Jenhoe is coming! woohoo! We are getting certified over the internet to drive them, ITS GONNA ROCK! We are going July 18th because my Driver's Ed goes from July 7-17. Yesterday was July 4th we went to Finch Park, the fireworks were not as good as last year. They acctually sucked. LOL! But anyways I bought 4 new bathing suits! One was 62 dollars! Hehe! Who cares about PRICE? AS LONG AS ITS NAMEBRAND! lol They all look great on me especially my Old Navy one!, but afterall what DOESNT look great on me? Well Ive gotta get ready to go out and eat with my sister and Dad! Love me, and don't miss me too much! hehe!

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