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Mack (hunter3399) wrote,
@ 2003-02-25 22:45:00
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    Current mood:blank
    Current music:Brahms

    Another switch
    Started the day a bit late as had a morning appointment with the doctor and it didn't make sense to go in to work for 5 minutes only to leave. But the doctor was (unusually) late. Very late. One and a half hours late. So I finally get in and she seems concerned about my hallucinations. Not that we've talked much about them, but because she suddenly wants to change my RX from Olanzapine to Risperidone.

    It will be good to try something new for the hallucinations. Certainly the low dosage of Olanz. wasn't stopping them. I spent all evening feeling like my nose had swollen into a pigs nose. I had a really good sense of smell. Or riding in the bus, I noticed I could "taste" the sunshine when in shined on me. It wasn't spicy like I'd have expected. It was butter and sage flavored. It was my secret to have and hold, I bet not many other people can taste the sun and live to tell about it.

    Did not talk much to the family last night. Did not have anything on my remembered list of things to talk about. I think spouse was a bit unhappy about that.

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