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Mack (hunter3399) wrote,
@ 2003-02-27 16:16:00
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    Current mood:anxious
    Current music:I love rock n roll

    Another day another centime
    Now I am at work getting ready to go home.

    Do you know what? Today I can do work that is about planning and anticipating. I don't want to say I'm "fixed", because there is still some way to go, but I am better. I'm still not much good for anything under pressure, but if given the room I can think things out and plan and stuff. That is so great! There is just one problem. I don't want to. You see, there have been so many things that I haven't been doing that there is a backlog! And the things I want to do are not the ones that need doing immediately at work. I want to take time off and drive down to Nice for a holiday for crying out loud, not write reports and implement an evaluation process for project quality. Yuck ;{

    Feelings are OK today. Less good than yesterday. I think all this Iraq war stuff is getting to me. I feel a bit fragile around the edges. But internally, the system is running OK and emotions are at least positive. I am still fighting anxiety but I don't freak out as much. In other words, I am anxious, but somehow handling it a bit better. But I would like to get it under control and stop feeling so anxious. Is there an anti-anxiety medication we can add to the mix? I am tired of this cold stone sitting in my stomach.

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