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*BaMbInÅ G!U$t!Na* (hugs_and_baci) wrote,
@ 2004-09-26 16:05:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:FrAnZ FeRdInAnD:: cuz im just so punk!!

    Hey peoples, omg I had the BEST weekend EvErRRrRr… so it started on Friday, when me, jenna, her friend Brian and his 2friends Paul and Rob went to the movies on central ave. to see "The Forgotten" oHhh WoW, SUCH a GOOD movie. It was scary and oh so very cool at the same time and Dr. Green from ER is in it!hehe. so after the movie we went walking around and ended up at Brain's house. It was fun, I now have 3new friends. So, we played truth or dare, and umm, yeaa that brought some fun, enjoyable good times.hehehe. Paul asked me for my number and I said yea and he was like "yesss!" no one has ever been that excited to get my number before. Ohh and I have to add that Paul has really big feet, like a size 13 and hez really tall too-lol, Then me, Jenna, Brian and Paul went back to the movies so me and jennaz parents can pick us up and I saw Igor the Sohpmore!! Aww I missed him so much. He got really tall and thinks hez all cool now cuz hez on football-lol. So yea then I went home and I hugged everyone cuz I im nice.
    So then Saturday at 3 I had to go to The Manhattan Club for Mary's b-day ((6 months later)) and we all staid in oNe room, but it was big and really cool. So first we went to Jackal and Hyde for dinner. OMG that was like the best part!!!! I LOVE it there! Me, Katie, Steph, and Liz sat at one table and we flirted with the hot waiter. Omg he was sexy. I asked him how old he was cuz I thought he looked 24-25 and he said he wished he was only that old. So we think hez like 30. Me and Katie asked him if they had any drinks with ChErRiEs in them and we told him to give Katie a drink with the cherries in them-LmAo! And yes ofcourse, I fingered some cherries for Katie. Hahaha, I kno, I kno that sounds soooo wrong, but its not, its an inside joke with us and it’s a real hooter! Then we decided to call Billy and tell him we were at Hooters and she asked him if he wanted to talk to one of the hooters so she gives me the phone and I said ((in a sexy voice-lol)) "Heyy, whats your name?" and he sed Bob, and I said "ohh that’s so sexy, OhHh oHHh." And then this big voice on the loud speaker started singing Cumbiya and we all started hysterical laughing and then he was like, whats that noise, so I said, ohh that’s my theme song, I have to go now. And the I gave the phone to Katie. So yea then Paul called me but I had no service so I called him bak and he sed hed call me later but didn’t. so yea, then this guy in a bag popped out and started talking dirty and saying stuff like "whoz ur daddy, spank me hard and all that kinda great stuff. If only we called Billy while that was going on, that would have really been believable that we were in Hooters! Then we went exploring and this butler dude came up to us with his feather duster and said "I have to clean you dirty girls." We were like on the floor it was soo funny. After this we went to Webster Hall to a "Prom Night 1989" it was so much fun. The high school was called, Wanaget High. That was fun, we danced and all the people there were in character and one of them came up to me and was like, arent u in my bio class, so ofcourse I played a long cuz im fun like that. And then the "hot football player" came up to me and said "did u see me camero outside and I was like yeaa sure and then he says ill show u the back seat later, I was like umm sure yea all night long-haha it was soo much fun it was one of THEe best nights ever. So then we took the train back to the hotel and we stayed up all night, took pictures ((yes with my PiMp HaT)) and then BaMbInO called me at like 2am to talk to Katie and then like a half hour later we got off the phone with him and finally fell asleep. Jamie and Liz slept on the pull out bed on the couch, Patti got the floor, Mary got the cot to herself and Steph, Katie and Me spelt in one bed. Then today we got up, sum funny stuff happened and then just b4 we left, Me, Patti, Katie, Steph and Jamie went to HOOTERS across the street from Manhattan club and we got Hooter shirts and shorts. And that was my great weekened

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