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Rach (hot4rach) wrote,
@ 2004-08-14 13:35:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:still the LL one!

    back hurts
    So the damn hurricane didn't hit us, they let us out early on thrusday no work yesturday the whole town is leterally going nuts like it's the end of the world because this is the biggest hurricane in history and the freakin thing does hit. It hit everywhere else but my town. Deep down I am glad it didn't it did a lot of damange but for heavens sake the meterologists were scaring the dickens out of me for no reason what so ever. It didn't even rain! Anyways I had to evacuate my house because I am in a class A hurricane zone. My mom, brother, grandma, and pumpking headed by St. Leo to a family friends house while I was at work and my step-dad had to go wo work at the fire station so I was like the orphan child going from one house to the other. I read an entire book in one day! (I am so proud of myself) however my back and eyes are paying for it today. I am stuck at work today until 6 I had me thinking that Charley was hitting us that I figures there would be to much damange I didn't have to work. (who is gonna buy a car in the middle of a hurricane).
    Well for the first time in a while I have absolutly no idea what I am going to do tonight I want to do something but I am feelinf to lazy to go out. I think I need stay home and relax and do some thinking because I seem to have a lot of things occupy my mind lately that if I don't straighten them out I am going to have a nurvous break down and kill everyone. Althought I know tomorrow morning I am going to get phone calls from all my friends telling me what they did and I would then wish to god that I would've gone out! It seems to be a lose-lose situation at best.
    This is how wonderful my job is that I can surf the internet and write in my on-line journal and no body says a word to me about it. It can't get anybetter then this! Wait! yes it can get better, I shouldn't have to work on a saturday. I personally think it should be a law for me no working on saturdays and sundays! The jobs I have had in the past that I had weekends off at usually paid peanuts and I was forced into taking on another job which ment, that's it you guessed it weekends!!!!
    A little bit more then 3 months and rick is coming home I am so happy about that. I hope I get to see him! Don't want to get into the personal stuff. Well I donr writing for now.

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