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Rach (hot4rach) wrote,
@ 2003-03-11 12:34:00
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    Current mood: bitchy

    Caught in the storm!
    Oh me oh my..... I had some weekend. Well I actually worked most of Saturday and Friday I was supposed to go to Sarasota but I just stayed in town went shopping. Well Nicole called me on Saturday night at Midnight to back out on the Orlando trip to go to church and to do a project. Here is my point of view on this. She forgot to do a project? How do you forget? I mean I graduated high school 2 years ago, I know that they the school system did not change that much, because when I was in school my teachers nagged on us left and right 3 ways from Sunday about our projects that we had due? PLEASE! Anyways I wasn't letting any of that stop me so me and my friend Jen went there. Now I was planning on leaving at 8am when I thought I was going w/Nicole. So I didn't wake up until 11:00 so Jen called me and at 1:00 we head on up, I bought this tinker bell necklace that I have hanging from my rear view mirror, now Jen love Tink so we were going to go all the way down there to buy it. In Lakeland we stopped at Cracker barrel. Anyways so my dumb-ass missed the exit on I-4 and thought I knew a short cut, boy was I DEAD wrong. We end up at downtown disney 45 minutes later. We get there and it down poors. I thought it was a typhoon. Come to find out there was a Tornado watch. I drove us into a damn tornado. We were there for not even 20 minutes and we went back to the car, more like swam to the car.....Then was suck in traffic on I-4 for 2 hours. A 2 hour trip ending up being almost 4.
    Last night my wonderful boyfriend bought me the cutest shirt from the gap. He wouldn't let me see how much he spent on it. I mean I don't care but I don't like it when he spends alot on me because I know that he needs to save his money. He is just so adorable. My face blushes just thinking about him.....
    So I found out my dance teacher wont be at dance for 2 more weeks, come to find out his appendix (sp?) were ready to burst and he had to go to the hospital... that sucks, poor thing! He wont be there, so do I go to dance and practice the 4 counts we have done for the recital over and over again. Or do I just take those days off. That day this week is the only day I really have off this week, because I am working both jobs this week.

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