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5k1d (hostile6) wrote,
@ 2005-01-26 00:27:00
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    10 cans of coffee
    hey hows it goin im back and words cant evenrescribe how i feel, earlier tonight i was so tired so i bought 2 cans of cold coffee, chugged them then 2 more and 2 more. on my tenth cup i realized that something isnt right, i feel like running. im so strung-out right now! this kicks ass, so when i get home im gonna try to do something i saw on futurama. Fry drank 100 cups of coffee in one day and some pretty cool shit happened to him, so when i get home im gonna drink 100 cans of coffee in on day to see if it has the same effect. that way if it kills me then everyone will blame the tv and not my stupidity! ha ha ha genius i tell you!
    oh and cori, i need you to start looking up people for me who play instruments ive got alot of music i wrote down since ive been out here that i want to work on i just hope i can make it sound as good as it does in my head, i have a few i wrote on an acoustic guitar that i think would sond better with effects. I also need a good female vocalist for some songs so if you know a chick that can sing really good turn her this way "hint hint"
    oh and for a guitarist DONT mention my ententions to that dorky ass dude that used to bring his guityar over all the time. i was thinking maybe jason if his bitch doesnt have him too fucked up in the head as you refered. Ill let you be the judge of that so.... RRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH WHEN THE FUCK IS THE RUSH GONNA DIE DOWN BEFORE I CAN GET SOME SLEEP!!!!!
    so youre back on the pole again huh? thats cool same place?
    yeah ill definately call you when the plane touches down, yould better have some guiness ready, eighter that or 100 cans of coffee!
    i dont think i'll cime see you at work though i need to get myself straight. ive been on a camp for the last year with 99 percent dudes, i can count how many girls there are on one hand but i dont have enough extremities to count bitches are there. anywho im at a diffrent camp for tonight where there is a presence of some attractive fems. i walked into this shop tobuy more coffee earlier and there was this short chick there (very pretty) as i walked past her she flipped her hair and the scent hit my nose, i almost went crazy! i started to twitch a little and then i realized im gonna straight go ape shit next time im with a girl, therefore taking me to youre work would probably kill me! and killing skid is never cool!
    well ill end this entry by saying goodnight, im gonna go to bed after i smoke a cigerette AND FUCKING RUN AROUND THIS CAMP TIL I GO INTO A FUCKING SIEZURE!!!!!!1 RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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