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Consuming Sadness (hopelessone) wrote,
@ 2003-06-13 13:01:00
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    Current mood:geeky

    "If music be the food of love play on..." Midsummer Nights Dream
    Music... one of my favorite topics because it is so entrapped in every aspect of the lifes of humans. Even the cavemen had music. But I wonder if the cavemen's tastes in music differed as much as ours does today, people who like fast beat music playing with sticks hit on the ground (the first drummers?) People wondering at the humming sounds they could make the vibrations tickling their throats. Whistling through a blade of grass. No doubt they were quite the innovators. They used it to tell stories, attract that pretty cave girl over there, scare off demons and praise gods. How is it differant from today... now don't be a @$$hole of a realist and say the differance is obviously hundreds of years of evolution. What fun are you? If you go and say that you fail to remember things like going to church and singing your gods praises, you fail to note the exsistance of cult music and rock and roll, and what about those boy bands who seem to have girls flock to them for no real reason. How about all the people who love to drum... trust me there are huge freaky cults of them called drumlines.
    Just sit back and give it a thought sometime, now is as good as any really. If you had lived back then what type of music would you love?

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