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Wayne Hopkins (hop_along_wayne) wrote,
@ 2003-02-24 23:39:00
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    Current mood:annoyed

    I recieved my owl exactally four days ago. I went down to Diagon Alley all alone - as usual, bringing my supplies home I descovered that In fact this book is a journal. I never pay much attention until I reach school. The Summer Holiday is my time to relax. My sister doodled on the cover, she really should grow up. I guess I should introduce myself.

    Background: My Name is Wayne Hopkins. Do not ask for the middle, for you shall not recieve it. I am fifteen years old, and attending Hogwarts this year - for my fifth time. Yes, I am a fifth year. No, I do not study- I don't feel the need, like my sisters before me and my parents before her. I do not care to do much of anything with my life. Just stare into stars, once in a while. I have no sexual prefernce. I like what I do, that cannot and will not be changed. I own a dog, her name is Ruban. I own a ferret, his name is Sophie. (Yes, I know that is a bit - strange.. but I really don't care. My sisters a git, what can I say?) My dog - is my best friend. She's older than I - which really sucks - for she will not be around very much longer, I'm afraid.

    House/Family Background: I am a Hufflepuff.. don't ask why - I don't feel very loyal. My parents were sevarly dissapointed that I was not a Ravenclaw - my rightful house, where I should've been placed. My mother was a Ravenclaw, as well as my father. My sister a Slytherin - and I -- a hufflepuff. I do beleive that the hat has made a terrible mistake - although Dumbledore says that the hat never makes mistakes.

    Joys in life: I had one, when I was younger.. her name was Samantha - but alas, she was only around for a little while.. her parents moved her away. Now, I am alone - a rather large house filled with my sister, her stupid friends - and my Beautiful old Dog, Ruban.

    I must be going now. Good night.

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