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luxveritas (luxveritas) wrote in honorablebdsm,
@ 2005-07-03 13:35:00
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    the first dialogue
    the following is an excerpt from "Slavecraft"

    "What are you?"
    "i am a pilgrim - a kind of seeker."
    "And what is it that you seek?"
    "i seek fulfillment, the goal to which all other goals must eventually lead."
    "And which of the paths to fulfillment have you selected?"
    "It is the path that selects the pilgrim."
    "Well then, which?"
    "The path of joyous surrender, ecstatic suffering, and selfless service has chosen me, and at
    length, i have yielded to its call."
    "How did you come to know this path had chosen you?"
    "In surrender, suffering, and service, i can feel light streaming into my life - my soul; away
    from these, i feel only despair and longing for It."
    "If this is so, what delayed your yielding to their call?"
    "First, so few are called to this path, and then, only singly and privately. At first, I was afraid
    there were no others like me. Second we are ridiculed and otherwise abused by those who
    do not understand us. i feared such ridicule. Third, although we can usually make our
    preparations for the journey without a Counterpart, none of us can make the journey itself
    without One, and in this, i feared greatly that i might not find the right One."
    "A Counterpart?"
    "Yes, a joyous Master - an ecstatic Sadist must be chosen for the journey, for it is the paradox
    of these paths that one of us may not travel without the other."
    "So you're both on the same path together?"
    "No, these two paths are parallel and sometimes quite close together - often touching."
    "Interesting. Is there more?"
    "There is always more."

    a dialogue on the subject of Identity - the book continually asks the reader to dig deeper into the process

    all this in the way of making a correction: the book is edited by Guy Baldwin with an introduction and afterward by Patrick Califia, who offers a brief "Mastercraft" in dialogue with text from the perspective on the Top

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