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Stephy (honeybeefly28) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 05:53:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Emotions remix-Mariah Carey

    The day was fine entil I got on the bus. I sat down next to Dean, my boyfriend, and all things were normal and stuff. He told me that he needed to talk to me. I was like ok, ya know i've heard thins before(yesterday and it was good). So he says to me "I think we need to take a temporary break, ur not ready for a boyfriend!" I was like "and how is this??" He said "you wont do anything with me!!" I about punched him. I already kiss him which is more then I usually do when im only goin out with some1 for 7 DAYS, 7! So now i'm mad. When I get off the bus i go for a walk with my bestest friend Sam who tries to help me. but no luck, what really happens is that Kayla (a girl who wants to fight me comes with us YAY!). So I leave to go to school. when I walk into the doors alone and unhappy looking people notice something is wrong. So Hans comes and gives me a BIG hug! the rest of the day went pretty good, especially 6th block. I was a little happier so I tried my hand @ free-stylin'. I was so good. I can rhyme!!
    So I got on the bus to go home and there was DEAN looking me right in the face! I just blew him off!(it felt so good) When I got off the bus I was being fondled by a bunch of boys so i decided to use the honk system!(me and sam made it up) it goes...
    1 honk: Just sex
    2 honks: Good sex
    3 honks: Rape
    I think that it's weird that the worst one, rape, takes the longest amount of time!!??

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