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Valinda (hollisterqt) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 21:54:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:fuck you music

    fuck that
    fuck this! ive been living on like fast gear. I HAVE NEVER felt this great in my life is such a long ass fucking time! and then i hear that the reason why celinas ex would find out abotu her and frank was my fucking fault !!!!! FUCK TAHT SHIT! i only know what people TELL ME! check yourself b4 you start pissing people off! WATEVER you guys wanna go out knock your toes off! i dont care! but dont start blaming me! IM SO PISSED. i get home from an awesoem day and i hear this shit! i feel like i did the first days we broke up mad and just bewildered. ILL STPO READING YORU SHIT CUZ SERISOULY WITH THE FUCK DO I ANYWAY! WE ARE OVER and its been over! so why the fuck do i keep reading? pretty stupid shit ya i guess im a moron for caring abotu what goes on watever FUCK IT then. and for you celina i dotn care if you see him i dont wanna be blamed for stupid shit and have people hanging up on me for trying to explain myself. fuck this

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