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Pansy (pansyparkinson) wrote in hogwartsish_rp,
@ 2002-12-31 15:12:00
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    IVI i o n e: ::walks with her books clutched to her chest.. looks around and walks towards the library::
    x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy walks down the hall with her friends laughing at the jokes. Not watching where she was going and accidently bumps into Hermione :: Ow!
    x Pparkinson x: :: spins around and faces Hermione :: Watch it Granger!
    IVI i o n e: ::looks up at Pansy and looks at her and her snobby friends:: Your the one who bumped into ME.
    IVI i o n e: ::tries to walk to the side of them and not have any more to do with them::
    x Pparkinson x: Whatever! :: walks quickly past Hermione bumping into her once more::
    x Pparkinson x: :: Runs to a table and grabs a seat, waving at her friends to come over too ::
    IVI i o n e: ::looks up and sees that Pansy is waving to HER:: ::thinks - whats going on.. walks over to the table that Pansy is sitting at::
    x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy looks at Hermione weirdly .. squinting her eyebrows with a confused look on her face :: What do want now?
    IVI i o n e: ::looks confused:: I think the question is what do YOU want. Your the one who waved at me to come over..
    x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy has an even more confused look on her face :: What?!?
    x Pparkinson x: :: pansy's mouth slowly forms into a smile .. and then a laugh ::
    x Pparkinson x: :: Pansy's friends came to sit at the table with her :: You think I waved to you?
    x Pparkinson x: :: laughs even more :: I was waving to my friends. And your obviously not one of them. So would you PLEASE leave me alone now, I have some homework to do before the break is over
    x Pparkinson x: :: turns away from Hermione .. takes a peek at where Hermione is standing :: Still here?
    x Pparkinson x: I asked you to go away, NOW
    IVI i o n e: ::looks at Pansy and her friends sitting at the table:: Oh, well its not like I wanted to come sit with you guys anyway. I saw you wave towards me.. so I err.. came over. I got to go now. ::raises eyebrows.. totally humiliated::
    x Pparkinson x: :: laughs with her friends :: She's turning red!
    IVI i o n e: ::turns away from Pansy and walks to a far away table:: That Pansy...
    *........... an hour later ............. *

    IVI i o n e: ::Gets up from her seat and piles her books ontop of eachother::
    IVI i o n e: ::sees Pansy is still there with her friends at the table::
    x Pparkinson x: What time is it? :: looks at the clock on the wall with a great sigh :: Finally! Done with my homework and finished in an hour!
    IVI i o n e: ::tries to sneak away without them seeing her, but Pansy catches her::
    x Pparkinson x: :: glances at Hermione :: Look at her! Trying to sneak out, if I didn't know better, I say she's afraid of US
    x Pparkinson x: :: gathers her books, quills, and parchments from the table packing them into her bag :: I'm going back to the common room, see you guys later!
    IVI i o n e: ::Leaves the Library, feeling relieved that Pansy didn't walk up to her::
    x Pparkinson x: :: swings her bag over her shoulder, casually walking out of the library bumping into Hermione again ::
    IVI i o n e: ::thinks 'Oh no'::
    IVI i o n e: ::turns and sees Pansy staring at her::
    IVI i o n e: Umm..
    x Pparkinson x: :: covers her mouth and uses a fake voice :: Oops, was that me? Of course not! Must have been you!
    x Pparkinson x: I better be going! :: smirks at Hermione :: See ya later loser
    IVI i o n e: You seem to have trouble with your walking Pansy, I'd say you bump into someone at least once a day
    IVI i o n e: Yeah, I'd best be off also.
    IVI i o n e: ::turns away from Pansy::
    x Pparkinson x: :: walks quickly away from Hermione, pretending she didn't hear her ::
    IVI i o n e: ::walks back to the Gryffindor Common Room::
    x Pparkinson x: I can't believe she just said that. I DO NOT bump into someone everyday! :: gasps :: Am I getting fat?
    IVI i o n e: ::turns head to make sure that Pansy isn't following her::
    IVI i o n e: ::turns her head back foward and walks quickly to the Common Room::
    x Pparkinson x: :: tries to calm herself down :: no no no .. of course not. To be on the safe side .. I better stop eating all that fattening food.
    IVI i o n e: ::arrives at the Picture of the Fat Lady::
    IVI i o n e: ::whispers password, just in case Pansy was around::
    IVI i o n e: ::walks inside and sees Harry and Ron.. feels relieved::
    x Pparkinson x: JUST to be safe! :: mutters the password and runs up to the girls dormitory throwing her bag on her bed. Pansy picks up the mirror on her bedstand starring at her face. ::
    x Pparkinson x: I'm .. i'm not fat. Then how come none of the guys like me! They wouldn't go for a fat girl. :: checks the time again :: It's almost dinner. I'll just skip this meal, I'm not that hungry anyway

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